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9 Simple Gabion Design Ideas That Dramatically Change Garden Look

Garden is a place where you can create unique treasure from simple thing. Beautiful flowers, grass,…

Garden is a place where you can create unique treasure from simple thing. Beautiful flowers, grass, and any plants are in one unity to bring wonderful garden view. Gabion is one of the garden features that simple but can dramatically change the garden look. See these gabion ideas for examples;

Number of Planters Lined

Number Of Planters Lined


Rather than creating one gabion, the owner of the house chooses to make some rectangular gabions in one line. Painting them in bright color makes it more attractive. Moreover, they are used to grow the same plant.

Urban Gabion Decor

This masterpiece comes with gabion which used to grow plants and a place to sit. Enjoy the season and inhale the fresh air at this place may give you a better feeling. Apply this design at your private area will upgrade your house decoration.

Round Gabion

Prepare the metal net in a shape as you like to be. It will ease you to put the soil and plant. Add some pebbles to remind us of the nature. Put the plant outside your house to get enough sun light.

Rectangular Shape Gabion

You need to have wider space to create this rectangular shape gabion. Creating this gabion will keep the soil from insect that will disturb the plants growing. Make sure you have scheduled the time to give it water every day.

A Group of Gabion

The idea of grouping some gabions in one part is amazing. Make them at different size will give more visual interest. You can have one kind herb or any other plants as your desire. Let them grow naturally with enough sun light and water.

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Asymmetrical Gabion

Gabion planter with asymmetrical shape makes it look stylish and fashionable. Using enchanting stone which created in impressive height, this gabion comes with its own statement. Put on flower with vibrant color for it will look excellent.

Spiral Gabion Style

Designing gabion looks like staircase give your garden a new look. This is amazing garden decoration with affordable material. Every plants has one part at each step and grow together to create wonderful garden view.

Low Raised

Let a ton of green plants grow up beautifully at this low raised gabion. The empty space around it can be used for adding other garden features just like tree, palms, or herbs.

Blossom at Gabion

It doesn’t matter when you plant a large number of flowers at one gabion. Wait till the flowers grow with its beautiful petal and wonderful fragrance.

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