8 Beautiful DIY Stepping Stone Ideas To Decorate Your Garden

Stepping stones can be a great addition to your outdoor landscape that is practical and also, aesthetic. In garden with a high traffic, getting grass to grow can be a bit frustrating, and adding a stepping stones can be an easy way to kill the grass. And for decorative purposes, stepping stones can be a unique point and grab everyone’s attention . From the cozy cottage stepping stones to the symmetrical Zen garden foot path, stepping stones can add another dimension to your yard and garden that you might have never considered before. Whether modern or country, stepping stones have earned a place in landscapes as a hardworking and decorative element, that are easily installed and tough to live without.

Another great thing about stepping stones is they come in all shapes, colors and materials. You can choose a stone like flagstone that will work well in almost any landscape or something that is more unique to you, like a combination of cut stone and pebbles. You don’t have to feel a need to match up the shape and size of all your stepping stones, sometimes using the same stone, but in a different size or shapes adds to the overall visual appeal. Many homeowners add a homemade touch by adding a stepping stone that has personal meaning to them such as a child’s hand-print or a pet’s footprint. Don’t forget to make sure that the stones you put down are not slippery, especially when they are wet. Check out these 8 beautiful DIY stepping stone ideas to inspire your garden decoration below. Have a nice day.

1. Peeble Mosaic Stepping Stone


This peeble mosaic stepping stone is made of a beautiful rocks that you can collect from rivers and lakeshores and of course, a sprinkle of imagination to design the pattern.

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2. Rocks of Feet Stepping Stones


Stone is so lovable. There are so many projects that you can make with it. You can make stick and stones as a garden post, gabions, and of course, stepping stone just like in the picture above.

3. Unique Stepping Stone


This unique stepping stone is made of anything that you find at home. A key, toys, scrabbles, anything.

4. Autumn Leaves Stepping Stone


To make this stepping stone, all you need is a pizza box, duct tape, a plastic garbage bag, some ready-to-use concrete mix, a few interesting fall leaves and a pair of latex gloves to protect your hands.

5. Stepping Stone Path


This project is really easy to make in a weekend or less. These are free form, nothing but concrete and dye to deal with. All you need is mixed the concrete in a tray with a garden hoe.

6. Broken Dishes Stepping Stone


Do not throw away your broken dishes, keep it and recycle them as this beautiful stepping stone for your garden.

7. Love Stepping Stone


All you need is make a heart-shaped stepping stone and paint them. So easy!

8. River Rock Stepping Stones


Make a pathway in no time with premade river rock stepping stones. These not only add function, but also texture and dimension.


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