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8 Summer Bedroom Furniture from IKEA to Inspire You

Bedroom is the place where you can feel free of stress, where you will feel relaxed after all that …

Bedroom is the place where you can feel free of stress, where you will feel relaxed after all that busy days work and strenuous activity and a place where you will find the comfort and relaxation. It therefore becomes necessary that you decorate the bedroom. Decorating your bedroom especially for summers will require different set up altogether. Everything right from the wall colors to the bedding and also the furniture items have to be chosen in the manner such that your bedroom looks smart and cool and ready for the summer feel. Since you are preparing your bedroom for the summers, it is significant that you keep your room clear of unwanted elements. Your room should be clutter-free and airy and also cross ventilation should be there.

It is no fun to sleep in a hot and stuffy bedroom, so let the light in with a sheer window treatments made out of natural cottons or linen for example. Nothing says summer quite like a coastal scheme, so if your bedroom’s looking dark and gloomy, why not consider a nautical refresher by adding lots of bright white and coastal blue as key to this look. Simplify your space – too much stuff can weigh down a room visually and make your space less restful to sleep in. Bring in bright colors, start with with a new set of bed linen in a colorful floral print as the focal point of your scheme then bring in more accent brights around the room, from a bold rug or piece of wall art to cushions, throws, lighting or even a boldly-colored headboard. So let’s upgrade your bedroom space with these 8 summer bedroom furniture from IKEA to inspire you below.

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1. LEJONGAP Light Pink Curtains

Make your space have enough light from outside but still can give you a privacy with this soft pink curtain. The natural material ramie gives the curtains a slightly irregular texture which filters light softly.

2. RANARP Wall Light

Aim the light in a place where you need it with this adjustable lamp from IKEA.

3. OMELDEBAR Lip-Shaped Pillow

Brighten up your bedroom with this red lip pillow.

4. DVALA Sheet Set

Good sleep need good bed sheet. This DVALA sheet set is made by a soft cotton so you can sleep well.

5. TJENA Storage Box

Keep the clutter away with this unique TJENA storage box.

6. SIGNE Rug

Add this colorful rug to your bedroom as another way to add more color to your summer bedroom.

7. SJÄLSLIGT Decorative Cactus

This cactus decoration will add a summer feel to your bedroom in a unique way.

8. SOMMAR 2018 Pink Planter

Add greenery to your space and give them this cute pink planter to bring more color to your summer bedroom.

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