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8 Natural Screen Plant Ideas To Determine More Privacy Area

Everybody needs a private place for their selves. However, having backyard is not enough. It needs …

Everybody needs a private place for their selves. However, having backyard is not enough. It needs other elements to keep the owner of a house privacy area. Planting privacy plant screening yard may become the best solution. It will help us to get fresh and clean air as well. Those plants will lead us to have natural screen our yard.

Beautiful Vines

Beautiful Vines


Planting vines will not make you disappointed. It adds privacy and beautiful view to your yards with beautiful blooming white petals. Add vines to your trellises, balconies, patios, and chain-link fences to make your yard look awesome.

Cypress Trees

Add greenery to your backyard with this wonderful cypress trees. They keep your privacy entirely and give your fresh air. These trees grow tall and narrow. Further, they will still grow up till 10 to 20 years along.

Privacy Hedge Created By Photinia Trees

Photinia grows well to keep our privacy. It can be function as natural hedge that will upgrade your outdoor space. Moreover, this plant can be combined with other green plants to enrich fresh and clean air.

Non Invasive Clumping Bamboo

This tropical tree will help us to keep privacy. However you need to choose bamboo that has clumping roots and grow more slowly. So, it will not grow massive and close your whole outdoor space. Try to plant Fargesia bamboos for your front yard or backyard.

Cacti Provide Privacy

When you live at hot or dry climates area, cactus may become the best plants for your yard. With low maintenance, this plant can grow well and give you beautiful petal later on. No matter your house style, cactus will fit to modern or traditional house design.

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Artificial Boxwood

If you need a plant that will grow well with low maintenance, artificial boxwood is the answer. This plant can cover your backyard perfectly by its tall, thick, and lush coverage. Moreover, you can cultivate the hedge pattern as your desire.

Italian Buckthorn

Italian buckthorn may inspire you to live better at green surroundings. This plant can grow well in front of wall. So, why don’t you try for your modern patio? Don’t worry! Though you don’t have enough time to care, this is a low maintenance green plant.

Privet Creates Tall Green Hedge Formations

Planting lush green plants such as privet needs more time to see it grow perfectly. However, you will see this plant cover your house with beautiful green leaves as hedges. Most of people with modern or traditional house yard design apply this green plant to keep their privacy.

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