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8 Bold Black Kitchen Trends That Everyone Wants To Copy

Black kitchen recently appear as most favorite color that shows by many designers. They tend to use…

Black kitchen recently appear as most favorite color that shows by many designers. They tend to use black for any kitchen design, whether traditional, farmhouse, industrial, even for modern house style. Black let us to have elegant kitchen look that no need expensive furniture. Furthermore, it will blend with any kitchen theme decoration.  Check out more ideas below;

Industrial Inspired Black Kitchen

Industrial Inspired Black Kitchen


Industrial inspired black kitchen may look awesome for any house style. There are two windows to give you natural lighting that will make this room look larger. Then, the role checkered floor come to balance the darkness tone of this kitchen design.

Simple One Line Black Kitchen

Take a look at this simple one line black kitchen form the existence of black cabinet. Though white plays role more, but this black cabinet appears as the focal interest. After all, this kitchen looks elegant and modern.

Modern Meets Traditional

This kitchen applies modern and traditional in one way. Take a look at the industrial lamp which is in black color that looks attractive. Then, white color wall and kitchen furniture tell more about modern style.

Minimal Kitchen With View

If you live at mountain area or beach, that is lucky. You may have this minimalist kitchen design with expensive view outside. The designer tells you more about how wonderful the world is through applying more windows for this black kitchen design.

Balanced Combination

Traditional kitchen doesn’t have to apply natural or earthy tone color. You may use black and white color to design your kitchen with balance. This white and black kitchen appears in cohesive look with simple decoration.

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The Black Edge

Apply this kitchen design for your house with black cabinet and wooden floor. If you love elegant design, you may adore this kitchen decoration. With black, white, and natural tone in one place , this kitchen looked awesome.

Modern Minimal Kitchen

Modern minimal kitchen comes with its sleek clean cuts and lines that made from wood. Then, there is a hidden drawer handles over there. The classic black and white color combination creates great statement for this kitchen design.

Sleek Black Kitchen

Contrast with industrial style, this kitchen applies more black as the basic color. Take a look at the wall, gas stove, even the refrigerator that is in black. However, the lighting is design for industrial theme along with the little desk over there.

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