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8 Extravagant Ways To Use Chalkboard For Room Decoration

Chalkboard for school is common thing. However, chalkboard for home decoration is incredible. It ma…

Chalkboard for school is common thing. However, chalkboard for home decoration is incredible. It may help you to give message for your family. Express your feeling, dream, creativity, or anything that you want anybody to see. Furthermore, you can clean it anytime when you have bored and want to change the message and or drawings. Let’s check out these ideas below;

Chalkboard For Home Office

Chalkboard For Home Office


This is a place for you to do your home project. The role of chalkboard here is not only function to upgrade your room decor, but also write down your plans. This blank canvas may used to express your creativity, graphic, or even dream for.

Your Walls With Chalkboard Paint

Whether for adult room or kid’s room, chalkboard walls looks awesome. You may draw anything to express your feeling, creativity, or even your wish. Just use colorful chalks and show your creation at this bedroom wall.

Chalkboard At Dining Room

Let see how dining room look incredible with chalkboard. Here, the owner of this house tries to shows message at dining room by writing it on the black chalkboard that attached on the walls. It blends with overall decoration very well.

Living Room With Chalkboard

This traditional modern living room designed with chalkboard walls. Bold black color sofa blends with chalkboard that already painted with some creative drawings. Moreover, it blends with the rug pattern as well.

Exciting Chalkboard For Bedroom

Bedroom with chalkboard walls decor allows you write down your schedule for this week. You will see what you have to do after wake up at morning. It helps the room appear rustic but inviting. The room even appears larger.

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Chalkboard Wall In The Kids Room

Rather than wallpaper, chalkboard may looks more functional for kid’s room decoration. It may be used for your kid to write or draw anything as their creation. Moreover, it may easily to clean whenever you want.

Chalkboard On The Door

Write down your menu for today will be much easier using chalkboard. Door is an item which always be seen. So, you will directly recognize what you have to do after seeing the message on the door. If you have done, just clean it.

Memories On The Chalkboard

Your bedroom wall can be a story of your life. Just write down and put some pictures of the most unforgettable moment in your life. You can see it right in front of your eyes, every day.


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