10 Most Breath-Taking Walk-In Closet Design That Every One Dreamed For

Bravo, you are lucky enough to have a room for walk-in closet to save your collection. However, you need to think over the design, so the closet will not look cluttered. Install cabinet, drawer, or shelves and arranged them tidily.

Appealing Walk-In Closet

Appealing Walk In Closet

Walk-in closet with elegant wallpaper looks amazing even with small room. Look at the storage space that allows you to have well organized fashion collection.  The luxurious lighting help this room seems awesome.

Glamour Walk-In Closet

Glamour Walk In Closet

Hundreds shoes arranged well on the shelves and so do the bags. Even, you still have the space to add a frame as well. Moreover, the role of mirror that reflects clothes collection makes this walk-in closet beautiful and glam.

Walk-In Closet With A Vanity

Walk In Closet With A Vanity

A built-in storage with glass shelves is right there to add luxurious effect. Moreover, a vanity in a curved style seems glamour. Furthermore, the shoes are arranged well. Everyone will adore this walk-in closet design.

Clean Modern Feel Closet

Clean Modern Feel Closet

This design also works well for small area. The clothes are arranged well in two styles, hanged and folded. You will have plenty storage. With bags and hats on the cabinet, this closet allows you to have more and more collection.

Hidden Walk-In Closet

Hidden Walk In Closet

Install slide door to have hidden walk-in closet like the picture. You will easily open or close it whenever you want. There are some chairs outside where you can take a rest. Just make sure to give brighter lighting.

Sophisticated Walk-In Closet

Sophisticated Walk In Closet

The combination of lighting and mirror door enlarge this room. A purple bench adds a touch of glamour with the same color rug underneath. The cabinet saves all collection of shoes, bags, clothes very well.

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Use Mirror

Use Mirror

Using mirror for the doors and drawers makes this walk-in closet looked very nice. With optimal lighting, the rooms appear larger and neat. This simple design even looks glamour and modern.

Plenty Of Shelf Space

Plenty Of Shelf Space

This contemporary walk-in closet looks clean and neat with white cabinetry. Your clothes will be arranged well and so will the bags. With Moroccan lantern hanged on the ceiling, this room has classic tone too.

Shopping Mall-Inspired

Shopping Mall Inspired

The designer applies white color for this walk-in closet that looked like a shopping mall design. Furthermore, a tufted ottoman is very nice in white as well.

Walk-In Closet With More Texture

Walk In Closet With More Texture

Marble countertop vanity looks classic but inviting. Furthermore, the chairs with pattern make this room looked funky.  Silver drawers play role to balance the decoration after all texture and color.



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