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8 Simple Ways To Add Brightness For Your Dark Room That You Must Try

You may see one of your rooms looked darker than other. It usually happens because of limited light…

You may see one of your rooms looked darker than other. It usually happens because of limited lighting. Not every home is full of natural light. Dark room may decrease your mood. Even, it will affect your home decor. So, you need to add brightness instantly to improve your room decoration. Try this easy ways;

Install Acrylic Furniture

Install Acrylic Furniture


Acrylic furniture can be in form of tables and chairs. It helps you to save room space and create bright effect. Here, the acrylic table let the light goes through and makes the room brighter and larger. You may try this for any room.

Apply Organizing Essential

A cluttered room also looks darker. Try to organize every single thing in your home at storage. It will look neat, clean, and bright. Here, you need minimalist storage like shelves or closet. So, you will easily organize your small things.

Use Reflective Subway Tiles

To have more organized room that brighter and larger, you need to apply reflective subway tiles. This is the reason of subway tiles will always vogue any time. Tile will reflect natural light that will make your bathroom, kitchen, or other rooms look bright.

Add Mirror

It is clearly known that mirror reflects light very well. The use of mirror as room accent can also visually expand the room. Hang a mirror on the wall or just let it stand against the wall to catch more natural light and spread entire the room.

Go With Open Shelving

Rather than cabinet, an open shelving storage makes a room brighter. Let see this room with open shelving storage to save books, bottles, or other stuffs. You may apply this way for any room and see how bright your room will be.

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Change Your Dark Bulky Furniture

Lighter-toned furniture also affects your room brightness. Instead of using dark and bulky furniture, it will be better to use lighter one. At the picture, lighter-toned table may one of examples. You may apply the same way for other furniture.

Right White Paint

Right white pink will brighten your room, but the wrong shades of white will makes gloomy. So, be careful to choose the best white to your room. Make sure it fit to the furniture, lighting, and your room decoration theme.

Perfect Lighting

Since light is the key to get brighter room, choose the perfect lighting is a must. Try LED light version to make your room bright. However, you have to keep the bulb clean so the light will optimally spread its light.




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