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8 Dreamy Bedrooms With Bohemian Style To Gain Spirit Every Morning

Bring the spirit of freedom right on your bedroom. Wake up every morning with new soul after take a…

Bring the spirit of freedom right on your bedroom. Wake up every morning with new soul after take a rest calmly at Bohemian bedroom decoration. Since, boho comes with patterns, colors, lines and textures that mix and match freely, you will be easy to apply Bohemian style for your bedroom. Then, there are shabby chic and traditional touches as well. See these following ideas;

For Adventure And Freedom

For Adventure And Freedom


A bedroom with map tells you about large the world that you should travel someday. You will feel more adventure and freedom from this Bohemian bedroom design. Look at the ladder that seems like ask you to go around the world soon.

Bohemian Room With Geometric Lines

Geometric lines and pattern looked contrast with leaves and floral pattern. However, it looks awesome in one bedroom. Bohemian is about freedom to mix and match anything, included colors and patterns.

The Moon On A Dark Night Sky

When usually Bohemian is designed full of bright colors, this bedroom comes contrast. Look at the mural on the wall that appears with dark and white color. However, you still have Bohemian touch from the floor, rug, and a hanging chair.

Simple Bohemian Bedroom

Well, this is a simple Bohemian bedroom with big owl over the bed. The various patterns seem cohesive. However, you need to add other colors for this bedroom to look more interesting.  So, it will not make you feel bored.

Earthy Tone Bedroom

A bedroom with jungle picture on the wall brings our mind to a wonderful adventure. The thing that makes this room looks so Bohemian seen through the roll of picture on the wall? The rest, you may see on the throw pillows and patterns.

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Blissfully Eclectic Bedroom

Throw blanket and beautiful throw pillows comes as bedroom accent that also represent Bohemian character. Furthermore, you can see a hinging green plant next to the window that reminds us about natural beauty.

Snow White Bedroom Look

With a lot of feminine flair, this white bedroom tells you the other side of Bohemian in which less color. However, you may see boho character from the role if white fabric sheer hanged on the canopy bed. It makes the room more intimate and comfy.

Bedroom With Funky Colors

Bedroom with artistic value will boost our mind. Furthermore, you may adore the textures, colors, and pattern from this bedroom that look attractive. The walls seem like artwork that everybody will love.


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