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8 Functional And Sleek Condo Bathroom Designs To Inspire You

Do you live in a condo? Since condo is small stay just like apartment, you need to apply simple but…

Do you live in a condo? Since condo is small stay just like apartment, you need to apply simple but functional bathroom. Due to bathroom is a must have room for any home stay whether apartment, condominium, tiny house, or others. See these following condo bathroom designs that functional and sleek below;

Condo Bathroom With Contemporary Mirror

Condo Bathroom With Contemporary Mirror


Contemporary mirror makes this small bathroom look larger because it transforms the light. Then, toilet bowl is placed next to the drawers to keep the space. Granite application makes this room appears sleek and pretty.

Neat And Pretty Condo Bathroom

With white color, the bowl and tub look larger. This bathroom looks great with modern design with simple design. Even, the vanity is in white color as well with large mirror and optimal lighting. The towel holder is placed near the tub to reach easily.

Beach Condo Bathroom

Condo bathroom should be in simple design due to the small space. Here, the designer tends to put the bowl and sink in one nook while the bath tub is covered by curtain. Overall, this room looks simple, pretty, and sleek.

Minimalist But Classy

Actually, you still have chance to add decor for this bathroom design. Take a look the shower room that you may add curtain. There, at the bowl area where you are able to add more decals. After that, this bathroom provides you two sinks and towel holder as well.

Condo Bathroom With Straight Edges

If you love modern and classy decoration, this bathroom has it very well. With squares and rectangles furniture, you may see this is simple design but eye-catching. You don’t need to add other accent any more.

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Contemporary Look Condo Bathroom

Give an attractive element to condo bathroom with wooden furniture. Take a look at wooden vanity that has storage to keep your towel. Since other accents are in white this sink plays role as the focal interest.

Functional And Neat Condo Bathroom

Look at the flowers of this bathroom that act as the focal interest among white color tone. The furniture and fixture are located well to show modern, sleek, and clean look. Gray tile tell you how this bathroom appear simple but elegant.

Traditional Look Condo Bathroom

The vanity is made from wood and so does the floating shelf over the bowl. However, you see traditional elements mix with modern furniture cohesively at this bathroom. This bathroom shows you a functional, pretty, and neat condo room.



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