10 Window Design Ideas with Plant That Make Your Home Cozy More

When talking about the interior design it can’t be separated on how to make the home looks beautiful but can bring a coziness. There are many aspects that must be considered, one of them is a window. Giving a beautiful design to the window can give a huge impact on your home decor. In decorating the window is not just about installing a curtain and drapes but also you can do a different thing. For example, you can place some plants in the window or near the window. Besides, being able to freshen up your home, it is also can enhance the windows look.

There are several ways to place indoor plants near the window, you can use some floating shelves or you can hang the plants with ropes. To look attractive, you can place different types of plants. Choosing the unique and proper planter also can make your interior design looks stunning. To give some information for you, we have some pictures below. Hope it can inspire you.

If you have a living room with large windows, you can use it to place your home plant collection. You will also get a living room look that looks fresh.
Green plants are hung on the window using knitted ropes like this will create a unique display of the room.
Some potted plants hanging on your kitchen window are a good idea. With the plants hanging on this window you will have a kitchen with an attractive appearance.
If you like succulents you can plant them in your home. To keep it fertile you can lay it on the edge of the window to get enough sunlight.
If you do not have enough space to put your plants in the house, you can use the space in the window like in the picture above.
Using planters from used flasks, this house plant looks so unique. Hanging this plant using wooden planks and hanging it on the window.
One of the plants that is suitable for you to grow and is useful is herbal plants. You can plant it on a put and hang it on a window to keep in the sun.
Using a narrow angle in the window to make a planter out of wood and to plant succulent plants is a brilliant idea. Because with you, planting succulents will make your home look more perfect.
Some green plants placed near the window will make these plants continue to flourish and make your room look fresh and beautiful.
Collection of plants placed near the window like this is a good idea. Besides being able to make fertile plants, you will also get a fertile room.

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Indoor plants not only make your living space more inviting and luxurious, they also make your home’s air healthier. Can bring the outside vibe to your indoor will be the pleasant thing that you have. By following those ideas above, hopefully you will find a different thing in decorating your window.

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