How to Use Basket as Your Planter

Basically, there will be so many different planters that you can have whether it is for the indoor planter or outdoor planter. All are interesting but here we will give you a good reference for your planter which is by using the basket. It is amazing how the basket can add fresher touches to your planter that will be in harmony with the plants since the basket is made of natural material. Well, are you worried about the designs that might be boring? Anyway, you don’t need to worry because you can surely decorate the basket so that it can have the perfect design based on your taste. For example, repaint the basket, refurnish, or even add the basket with other accessories to beautify it. Well, it will even more adorable if you can find the ones with the artistic patterns at the store. You will find out how the basket can work really well as a planter and beautify your home decorations. Check the following images out!

Combine greenery and tulips to plant in two metal baskets that have different shapes. For a more eye-catching display, you can choose a basket planter made of iron with a splash of rose gold color. The basketball material used is also sturdier and not easily porous, even when exposed to splashes of water it is also not easy to rust. Basketball round and cone make a good combination. If this planter idea is less colorful, then you can also plant yellow and white flowers together in one container. Two shaped plant baskets from balconygardenweb.

Choose and use three rattan wicker baskets to serve as indoor planter ideas. You can also use this basket with different shapes and sizes so that it looks more varied. The natural look or the repainted both have a beautiful appearance. Use three different types of plants, such as spider plants and ferns. After this planter basket is ready to be used as a room decoration, you can hang it on one part of the ceiling, try to be close to the glass window so you can get enough sunlight even if it is placed indoors. Hanging planter basket from balconygardenweb.

Don’t let the corner of your house look plain and boring. Now you can hang a planter basket that doesn’t take up a lot of space so you can move freely. This planter basket with thin rattan woven material is a smart idea that you can use and of course, you can also make your own with high creativity. In addition, you can also add wooden accents with a round shape to make it easier for you to hang it using a rope. Hemp rope is a pretty good choice to bring a more artistic impression and theme to the room. Corner planter basket from balconygardenweb.

A good combination, woven tree branches and weather-resistant wood is enough to give a natural feel to make a DIY planter idea. To tie this planter into your home, then try applying it as a windowsill decoration that has a white feel. In addition, the plants in this window area will also grow more fertile because they will get enough sunlight. ZZ plant is one of the right choices because it has a fairly low maintenance so it is suitable for those of you who have quite dense and busy daily activities. Do this DIY basket planter yourself with an easier and cheaper manufacturing cost. As a windowsill decoration from balconygardenweb.

This wicker planter basket with dry twigs gives a natural impression and style to your kitchen decor. Planter baskets made of twigs are usually used in rustic, industrial, or farmhouse-style rooms. Now you can try using vines to make it look fresher and denser. Cut these vines when they interfere with your space in the kitchen. Hang the planter basket using four ropes to make it more sturdy and not easily fall to the floor area which will cause a mess. Natural twig planter from balconygardenweb.

The layout of the planter basket is also a display that can be used as an exhibition and decoration in your room. Now you can place the rattan planter basket on the hanging macramé that is already installed perfectly. This hanging macramé gives an instant bohemian impression, you can choose macramé with a color selection that matches the feel of the room so that it feels more in tune and in harmony. Some of the greenery that is around it is a compliment that can be found in your backyard garden for free. Macramé basket planter from balconygardenweb.

If you have room decor with a modern style and theme, then it’s a good idea if you need a planter container using a basket made of porcelain. Don’t forget to repaint this basketball section with white so that it has the same color as your current wall. Use coconut fiber planting media so as not to contaminate your basket and make it still look elegant when hung in one part of the ceiling of your house. Hang this basket using strings of the same color in four different areas to make it more sturdy and not easy to fall off. Porcelain planter basket from thegardenglove.

The iron ball combined with this sleek basket can be used as an indoor or outdoor planter idea. With this iron ball, your planting basket will be safer and minimize it from falling to the floor area. When you hang this basket outdoors, there is nothing to worry about because it has a hard material, is not easily porous, and is certainly stronger than other materials. This sleek planter basket idea is usually used in modern or contemporary home decor. The solid black color gives a monochromatic theme and feels when placed in a white room. Basket with iron ball holder from thegardenglove.

Line an iron basket with coconut fiber so that it can be used as a planting container that can be hung on your porch area as a decoration as well as a home decoration that is never boring. To make this planter basket look more festive and colorful, you can use blooming lavender flowers. Don’t forget to repaint your iron basket with a neutral color like black so it doesn’t rust easily when exposed to changing outdoor temperatures. Chain straps with matching colors are a very sturdy combination and are highly recommended for you. Outdoor iron basket from thegardenglove.

Take advantage of the hooks that have been hung on the porch decoration to apply an outdoor planter basket made of clay. Choose and use this basket of the same size but with different splashes of color to make it look more colorful and fun. The material used will be stronger and of course protected from porous and rusty. Get this basket at the nearest craft store at a price that is not too expensive. You can also plant two to three types of flowers in this planter basket. Do it with pleasure for maximum results. Hanging clay basket planter from thegardenglove.

If you want a planter basket that has a pattern then there is no other option to buy it at the craft store near your home. Because this planter basket is not possible to make yourself. Choose and use a basket with a size that is wide enough and high enough to be used as a planting area in the house. Place this planter basket in a room frequented by guests so that it can be made as a unique, attention-grabbing and unusual room statement. You can try it easily, do watering regularly on this plant so that it can grow well. Patterned and paint basket from balconygardenweb.

This shabby chic basket works amazingly as a planter idea. Painted white, this planter basket looks simple no matter what the circumstances. To make this planter more colorful, you can use it as a flower pot with yellow roses that are blooming. Place this planter basket on a white table and right next to your sitting area to make it as a decoration as well as an exhibition that can be seen by your guests or family who come to the house. Shabby chic basket from balconygardenweb.

Repaint your indoor planter basket with several different colors to make it appear more colorful and fun. Use and choose a planter basket with a round shape that is not too large so it is easier to hang it to your ceiling area. You can choose and grow ferns that are easier and very low maintenance. Hang this planter basket with a chain rope to make it more sturdy and not easily porous when hung for a longer period of time. The existence of this planter basket is complemented by several colorful canvas paintings as well. Colorful hanging planter from balconygardenweb.

If you want a planter basket that is sturdier and the bottom surface is not easily damaged, then you can choose a planter basket that is equipped with wooden legs with a neutral paint finish. Paint one of these baskets for a more colorful and less boring look. Choose and use blue paint so that it blends perfectly when combined with a neutral colored rattan wicker basket. In this room you can also put two planter baskets with different sizes and shapes to make it look more varied, use indoor plants that are easy to grow, such as ferns. Stands planter basket from balconygardenweb.

So that the appearance of this wicker planter basket gives a new impression and color in your room, it’s a good idea to repaint it with the color choice you like. Repainting this basket is a very easy thing to do without the need for a professional, you can paint some of this basket using a plain white color. After this paint has been applied perfectly and is dry, you can continue your planting process. Growing rubber plants are an excellent choice of indoor plants and make your living room fresh and colorful. Painted basket planter from balconygardenweb.

Choose and use a planter gift basket that comes with holders on both sides. Then you can pack them together in a planter whose outer surface is painted in light blue and white which makes it look more beautiful and looks elegant. Because this planter gift basket is used to grow more than one type of plant, it’s a good idea to add an ice cream stick that is equipped with writing the type of plant. The existence of this ice cream stick writing is very useful for guests or families who do not know the type of this plant. DIY planter gift basket from balconygardenweb.

Do you have a wicker basket that is no longer in use? If you have it, you can change it and reuse it into an indoor planter idea that can be decorated to your liking. For example, you decorate the outer surface with three pom-poms that have different colors. In addition, this wicker basket is also equipped with a handle that makes it easy for you to move it to any area of the room when needed. Snake plant is a very appropriate indoor plant idea because it can grow well even though it is not exposed to sunlight. Pom-pom planter basket from balconygardenweb.

The clothes line that is arranged into a DIY rustic basket planter can be repainted with white to make it look cleaner and more colorful. White is always a neutral color choice that can be easily combined with other interiors that surround it. Now you can place this basket planter right next to the entrance as an initial welcome for your guests or family who come to your house. You can plant a lemon tree that can grow tall because the size of this basketball basket is also large and wide. DIY rope basket planter from balconygardenweb.

Because this woven planter basket has a pattern with a fairly wide hole, it’s a good idea to put a pot in it so that the planting media used doesn’t spill which will cause your table area to get dirty. Use natural materials such as pieces of rattan, which have a smoother surface so that they are easier to arrange into an indoor planter basket that looks elegant. Because this planter basket has a smaller size, you can also use similar sized plants, herbs being the right idea that you can try. Let this basket look more natural without polishing and repainting. Small planter basket from balconygardenweb.

Hanging planter baskets add great visual appeal to both indoor and outdoor settings. Choose a more modern version by purchasing this cool iron cone planter. Coconut fibers make the perfect blend when you use this basket planter for a rose flower container. After all this process has been done, you can hang it using a very strong and hard iron hook, even the design of this planter basket is very easy to move to any area when needed. Planter basket cone from gardeningetc.

For a different outdoor look, you can feed three planter baskets vertically using a chain rope that is quite strong and sturdy. Start with a small, medium and then large basket to make it look more elegant when used as an outdoor decoration. You can use coconut fiber planting media so that it doesn’t scatter everywhere because this basket has a fairly large hole pattern. The idea of ​​this vertical planter basket is quite easy to assemble yourself so it is more cost-effective when installing it. Vertical planter basket from gardeningetc.

Make sure to use a basket that is sized according to the plants that will be used. Also make sure to plant the plants in plastic planters beforehand to retain water. Planter baskets made of thick plastic may be safer when you apply them to the porch decoration. Use it in one color and one size only to make it look more harmonious and matched when hung together on your porch decoration. Plastic planter basket from gardeningetc.

Don’t throw away the galvanized baskets you have in your home. Instead turn it into a stunning hanging planter idea when applied indoors. Currently you can grow succulent plants which are fairly easy to care for because they do not require too much water. This galvanized basket is very suitable for use in a room with an industrial style that seems simple without any paint. This galvanized basket has a round shape which is very popular for use as a container for plants so there are no problems when reusing it. Galvanized basket from balconygardenweb.

Hanging plant baskets are nothing new but it is certainly different if you use a macramé basket as a place for your plants. That way you can easily hang it on the wall or ceiling area. In addition, planter baskets made of macramé are also usually used to present a bohemian feel and theme which is quite a favorite to try this year. Get this macramé material at the nearest craft store with a fairly cheap selling price. Macramé hanging plant basket from balconygardenweb.

Utilizing a DIY wicker basket of hemp rope to put air plants into an alternative idea is quite easy to do. Since air plants don’t need a lot of watering, this basket makes the best place to be. Arrange this planter basket layout with small plants on the side or underneath to add a pretty feel to the room. Use this hemp rope basket more than one so that it can be made as a room statement that is not tacky or outdated. Hemp rope planter basket from balconygardenweb.

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