30 Different Planters that Mostly Possible for Your Garden

Are you keen on gardening? What kinds of planter you usually use? For those who are interested in gardening, planters become the second consideration after the plants. Generally, there are tons of planters you may opt for. Some of them can be created by the DIY projects made of recycled stuff. In addition, planters play an important role to attract anyone because the more unique and creative your planters are, the more interesting they are. Thus, the following we present some planter ideas that can be your guideline. Check these out!

Garden Bed

First of all, we offer you to have a garden bed. This garden bed idea is not always to be large. Also, it does not always cost much. For example, you can take some old tires and repaint them with different bright colors. Then, make them become your flower garden bed. Place them in a strategic point so that it attracts anyone’s attention. Moreover, you can use your old vehicle. It is an extraordinary idea, isn’t it? Upcycle your pickup and make it as a garden bed. Surely, it will be the statement of your garden. You had better put it in the front yard to give a unique look for your house.

You don’t have to have a boring planter. Recycle your old tires and turn them into colorful and beautiful planters. This decoration will make your front garden look more attractive. You can plant various plants and flowers to give a natural impression to your entire room. Recycle old tires from balconygardenweb.

A great tire garden example uses 6 tires stacked into a pyramid design. You can paint with different colors for an attractive garden decoration that will attract every guest who comes. Filled with blooming flowers will give the impression of a fresh and charming room. Tire garden bed from homestratosphere.

Raised beds have very few restrictions. This bunk bed looks like a pagoda or a fountain. This design will be an attractive garden decoration and will steal the attention of many people. It looks great all year round making a stylish garden decoration. You can plant a variety of flowers and herbs for maximum results. Raised garden beds from thespruce.

Build your flower planters out of stacked stone. Putting them into this nice arrangement, you can grow succulents, herbs, or vegetables. This idea will make the room decoration unique and steal the attention of many people. This wooden chair will also give a comfortable impression to spend the afternoon while enjoying your outdoor view. Stacked stone garden bed from designideasguide.

Using red containers for garden bed ideas, this front garden is a unique room decoration and steals the attention of many people. Place them at strategic points to make a statement in your garden. You can use it to grow vegetables and other greenery. Red containers garden bed from designideasguide.

One of the attractive front garden decorations can use a garden bed made of large galvanized baskets. Metal gives the garden an industrial look and conducts heat, warming the soil in the spring. Planting some of these greens and greens also makes for a fresh and inviting garden decor. Galvanized garden bed from thespruce.

This pile of stones makes for a unique and attractive garden bed. They perfectly frame beds for growing flowers and vegetables. Placing it in the front garden of this house makes a stylish room decoration and will welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling. Garden bed from thespruce.

If you don’t want to have flowers, you can have some greenery to beautify your garden. Placing it in the front garden of this house will make your garden decoration more stylish and will steal the attention of many people. Front yard garden from ofdesign.

Plant some flowers to add some serenity to your garden. Adding bokwood and shrubs can be an option to create a fresh and natural room decor. This paver floor also complements your patio décor. Some of the greenery and trees present a stylish look. Garden bed from designideasguide.

Using stones for this garden bed design will make your front garden look more attractive and steal the attention of many people. To keep things interesting, add some colorful flowers to the mix. Choosing this large stone will create the perfect contrast with the exterior color of your home. Stones garden bed from designideasguide.

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Hanging Planter

The next planter idea is hanging planter. This kind of planter has its own beauty where it usually used as a decorative element in your house. Let’s take some examples. A hanging flower planter placed in the front yard is really interesting to welcome your guests. With a bunch of white flowers, it has a luxury impression. Complete it with a chalkboard sign to make an adorable look and it is ready to beautify your garden design with a summer vibe. Additionally, for those whose garden is not large, make a vertical hanging planter with PVC pipe. It is great to plant herbs or vegetables, like lettuce, celery, or spinach.

This is a stunning hanging green planter that is very inspiring. You can hang it on a wooden fence complete with ceramic pots, it’s a good idea to have one. Combining it with some other greenery will give a unique look and steal the attention of your guests. Hanging green planter from homebnc.

For those looking to have a boho-chic planter, try this macrame hanging planter. Hang flower pots and you can hang them on the terrace. Hanging on the wall of this house will create a stylish room decoration and will steal the attention of your guests. You can plant various herbs for maximum results. Macrame hanging planter from homebnc.

This tiered hanging basket creates a nostalgic feel for your outdoor living room. Three tiers provide plenty of plant space so you can include as many plants as you like. This metal chain contrasts with the subtle beauty of the plant. These succulents and moss make for a fresh and stylish room decor. Tiered hanging basket from homebnc.

Using unused materials for garden decoration will make your home decor look stylish and will steal the attention of many people. Repainting this planter will give it a new look. Add yellow flowers for maximum results. DIY unused hanging planter from homebnc.

Do you want to grow vegetables but don’t have a large garden? Try this DIY vertical PVC pipe planter for growing lettuce, celery, spinach, and more. You can make it artful to boost your creativity. Hang it on your patio for a stunning room decor. DIY vertical PVC pipe from homebnc.

This chic industrial metal hanging planter makes for a unique room decor that will grab the attention of many. You can make your own to increase your creativity. This is the perfect DIY project for your patio. Complementing the garden with ferns will be an attractive decoration. Metal hanging planter from homebnc.

Creating a vertical garden by hanging planters on wooden planks is a simple and great idea. You can punch holes in the board to place the terracotta pots for an interesting result. Using this rope will make it easier for you to hang on your patio wood. Use this plant for herbs for perfect results. Vertical garden hanging planter from homebnc.

Use this elegant seasonal outdoor colander hanging basket to enhance the look of your garden. With pastel colors this is perfect for blooming flowers that grow artistically. This is an interesting and easy DIY planter for you to make. This idea is great for creating a stylish look. DIY colander hanging basket from homebnc.

With hanging plant pots and macram rope your garden will be extraordinary. Hang from a stick of wood to make a nice statement. Use it to grow your succulents for maximum results. Placing it on the terrace of this house will produce the perfect room design. Hanging plant pots from homebnc.

This western wagon wheel hanging planter stand makes your home garden decoration look attractive and will steal the attention of many people. You can make your own and buy basket pots on a budget for great results. You can plant a variety of flowers that are in bloom for beautiful results. Wagon wheel hanging planter from homebnc.

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Varied Pots

The last is the most commonly used planter, it is the pot. But, here you will see that there are many kinds of pot you can use in your garden. Like this oven solid wood planter, it looks so rustic and incredible. You can place it with wooden chairs in the garden which is completed with a water feature like a water fountain. Thus, you can get relaxed in a very comfy ambiance. As well as, you can opt for a concrete pot. Though it is heavy, it is durable and provides good insulation for the soil.

Colorful purses, small tote bags, and other handbags make for fun and fashionable plant stands. You can hang it on a fence to provide the perfect garden focal point. Covering it with plastic will prevent the potting soil from staining the fabric. Some of these green plants and flowers will give a fresh impression to the whole room. Bags poted from hgtv.

Decorative or storage baskets come in a variety of stunning shapes, sizes and colors to complement your favorite container flowers. It is a unique room decor and creates the perfect look. Place it on your garden bench to give it a unique and attractive look. Storage baskets poted from hgtv.

Give an old suitcase a new life as an unusual container. Old chests, vanity boxes, or wicker boxes are other great options. Add greenery for a fresh patio decor. This decoration is easy for you to make, just use recycled materials that are not used to give your home a stylish look. Old suitcase poted from hgtv.

Using unused materials for this pot design makes patio decorations attractive and steals the attention of many people. Choose old hats, baseball caps, and straw hats for a unique look. Hanging this green picket fence becomes an interesting focal point. Old hats planters from hgtv.

Consider getting a colorful pot and placing it on an old bench for a stylish result. Some of these flowers and greenery offer a unique look to your garden design. This simple decor provides the perfect space. Colorful pot from hgtv.

On top of this picnic table you can add some plastic teapots and cups, colorful serving bowls, and, of course, an old picnic basket. Adding the terrace of this house will make it look unique and steal the attention of many people. These few blooming flowers and green leaves give a fresh feel to the whole room. Old picnic basket poted from hgtv.

Use ceramic pots in the form of teapots and glasses for unique patio results and steal the attention of many people. Metal teapots and tea cans can be a fun addition to a group. It’s easy to get carried away collecting teapots and teacups until you run out of space to display them indoors. Ceramic pots from hgtv.

Do not throw away leaking or dented watering cans. You can use it to put a variety of fresh green plants so that it will give a trendy look. Putting it on this ladder will also welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling. Using this type of pot will last a long time and provide good insulation for the soil. Watering cans potted from hgtv.

Used food make great pots for your favorite annual flowers or houseplants. Choosing a variety of shapes and colors will make your patio decoration unique and attractive. Opting for these greenery and blooming flowers provides a unique and stylish design. Cans potted from hgtv.

Choosing a concrete pot with a striped motif makes this room decoration unique and steals the attention of many people. Choosing some green plants and flowers will make a fresh impression on your patio. Choosing some dark colors will give you an interesting look for you to try. Concrete pot from bhg.

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If you have a limited budget plan to buy new planters. Don’t be afraid to recycle your old stuff. You even can pick your old purses and tote bags and make them a colorful hanging planter on the fence. On the other hand, your old jerry cans and plastic buckets can be nice and creative planters. Don’t throw them away, just make them more functional, then. So, get more inspiration from planters from the gallery. We are sure that our examples will inspire you on making a stunning garden look. Now, let’s start gardening!

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