How to Get Pretty Summer Planters

Adjusting the planter design to the season is such a great idea including the summer season. During summer, providing the greenery to your both indoors and outdoor is recommended. Here, you should have the right planter so that you can get a harmonious one. You can even utilize it to add the summer touches to your home. Beautifying your home decoration by simply using the greenery planter is an effective one. Not only simple but it also lets you have something useful with a low budget. You’ll have so much fun by looking at the following fresh and fun summer planter design ideas.

DIY Recycle Watermellon Planter

Do you have a plastic bottle that is wide enough? If you have it, you can reuse it as a summer planter so that this bottle does not become waste or garbage. To emphasize the touch of summer this year, you can paint it with a red watermelon pattern that can be applied to several points on the outer surface of this planter bottle. To save floor area or land area in your garden, just hang this summer planter using a rope that is quite sturdy. Don’t forget before you paint the bottle again use white as a neutral-looking background.

Fish Scales Pattern Planter

If you have modern home decor and want to include a touch of summer in it, then using a planter with a fish scale pattern is one of the best ways you can do it. In addition to this planter pattern, green plants that are applied indoors also emphasize the summer theme instantly. Own and buy this ceramic planter in several different sizes so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. You can also put it in the fireplace area or it can also be used as a beautiful and elegant window sill decoration.

Summer Lemonade Planter

Buy a clay planter and then paint it with a white base color as the background of the painting or repaint that is done to bring the summer theme this year. When the basic white paint is dry then you can do the next painting. Yellow and red are a contrasting color combination and of course, have a lemonade theme that fits the theme of this summer. Then you can use this planter to plant small plants such as spider plants, do regular maintenance to get maximum results.

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Hand Painting Leaf Pattern

The leaf pattern also emphasizes the summer theme this year, you can apply it to a modern planter that can be placed on the desk or in the mantel fireplace area. This leaf pattern has several different colors so it looks more colorful and fun. Colors that can be combined are pink, blue and yellow, all of these colors will work well together and maximize. The green plants that are applied to this planter become a fresh decoration that is able to bring the feel of nature into the room.

Floating Summer Planter

Decorate the walls of your garden with two hanging planters that are applied in stages. This planter wall scones are repainted with two different colors, green and blue will produce contrasting color tones that are ready to be used as the focal point of the eye. Furthermore, the planter clay can also be repainted with a maroon color that looks bold even though it has a size that is not too big. The cloud accent on this floating planter is intended to water it whenever you need it, you can fill it with clean water as a routine watering.

Colorful Suculent Planter

There is nothing wrong with using a summer planter with clay. So that this planter doesn’t look too plain and boring, the thing or decoration you can do is repaint it or paint it with your magic hands. You can paint it with any pattern according to your wishes and abilities. Red, yellow, purple with black make the perfect color combination for an outdoor succulent planter. In this one planter you can use it for two to three different types of succulents.

Vintage Look Seashell Planter

Collect enough sea shells to apply to a planter you have in your home. Glue and apply these seashells to the outer surface of the planter with precise and neat placement. You can also arrange these seashells so that they have a floral pattern that matches the summer of the year. When you don’t have this sea shell material, just buy it at the nearest craft shop or you can also buy it online to make it more practical. Adjust the size of your green plants with the planter pot that will be used to make it look more balanced.

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3D Floral Pattern Clay Planter

The blooming flower ornament that is applied to the surface of this planter pot is one way to emphasize or present the summer theme this year. These blooming flowers have a mix of colors that are quite diverse so they are not easily boring when used as decorations for a dining table or floating shelves that are still empty. Before you apply this 3D flower pattern to the planter pot, then repaint it first with a glossy blue paint. Fill this planter with a low-maintenance plant so that it can be placed indoors properly and optimally.

Color Block Paint Summer Planter

Repaint the planter pots you used in the summer to make them look different and prettier. You can combine two different colors from light to dark. The color combination that can be combined is yellow with black matte. Do painting with different patterns as well for more varied room decorations. After this planter is ready to use, you can place it in any area according to the needs of the room decoration.

Modern Style Floral Planter

Do you need a summer room decoration? If so, then you can choose and use a white ceramic pot that has a flower pattern on the outer surface. Because this pot has a fairly wide size, you can plant three different types of flowers. Because this planter pot has a white base color, the flower pattern looks very bold and beautiful. Combine yellow flowers with purple as a color combination that is quite contrasting. Buy and use these pots at the nearest craft store at very affordable prices.

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Floral Planter Carving

When you have the skills to carve then you can try it on the planter pots you have in garden decorations. Engrave the outer surface of this planter in a floral pattern to accentuate the summer outdoors theme. After finishing the engraving, the next decoration that can be done is to paint it again with a gold color for a more glossy finish. Green plants that are applied to this planter pot are the right combination that can also be placed indoors.

Ceramic Watermelon Garden

To emphasize the summer theme outdoors, you can choose and use a planter pot that has a watermelon shape. Do the painting and repaint this pot with the original color. After this planter is dry and can be used, then you can fill it with succulent plants that have low maintenance because you no longer need to water every day. Place this succulent in an area exposed to sunlight so that it can develop properly and optimally. Have this planter pot in the summer to give it a pretty look.

Pinapple Shaped Planter

Summer never fails with floral or fruity patterns. For now you can use a ceramic planter pot that has a shape resembling a pineapple. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also repaint the outer surface with a pineapple pattern complemented by high-quality black paint. Adjust the use of green plants to the size of this planter pot so that they blend well. When this ceramic planter has a medium size, eating small snake plants becomes a smart garden idea that you can choose right now.

DIY Repaint Tire Planter

Do you have tires that are no longer in use? If so, then you can use it as an outdoor planter that can be placed in your backyard garden. Don’t forget to repaint the outer surface of this tire grower with a pretty bold color like maroon. In addition to looking more beautiful, this planter will also look shiny when exposed to the reflection of sunlight. Choose and use the best quality paint so that it doesn’t fade easily when exposed to the sun all day long. In this way, eating these large tires will be of better use and not be an environmental waste.

Summer Swan Painting Planter

Swans are one of the patterns that match summer decorations. For now, you can try to apply it to the use of planter pots which have a solid black base color. That way the pink swan painting will look very bold when placed indoors or outdoors. You can try this planter pot idea easily and cheaply. The only materials needed are clay pots and some pink, blue and red paint. If you can’t paint then just buy sticky stickers, this planter decoration will be very on budget.


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