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How White Brick Walls Give Tremendous Effect To Interior Design

Is brick is left behind? It will be based on the style you choose for your house. White brick wall …

Is brick is left behind? It will be based on the style you choose for your house. White brick wall even will bring you into modern room look. This wall style has texture and white is elegant color. So, you may apply white brick wall for modern or rustic room theme.

Simply Decorated Spaces

Simply Decorated Spaces


Neutral wall color paint included white gives coziness for this bedroom decoration. Install a frame will add this wall interest. Furthermore, you just have to mix and match with your furniture. Better to apply neutral color furniture for rustic but elegant look.

Mantel Wall With White

Brick already has texture that fills the wall decoration. Added some pictures will improve it more. Overall, this mantel looks simple but inviting because of the white brick wall.

Reading Nook With White Brick Wall

White brick wall has texture that contrast with the floor and glass window. However, they become great combination to shows that brick wall has strong statement. The role of buffet also takes big part for creating balance in the interior.

White and Black Bedroom

Contrast color between white and black here creates elegant bedroom look. Moreover, the bed also decorated in white and black as well. So, this room look appear neutral but inviting, because those colors will always win the game.

White Brick Wall With Wooden Plate And Flower

When you want to have different wall decor, choose white brick wall will be better. Add a white wooden shelf. Then, add kitchen accents just like wooden plate and flower, a blue bottle as flower vase, and other kitchen utensils.

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White Brick Wall The Best Background To Decorate

Look at this sophisticated bedroom! With large space, this area provides you a bed for sleep, a library to read, and a space to do your project. Furthermore, you are given chairs to see outdoor view through glass wall. Then, the white brick is the best background.

Open Plan Kitchen-Dining-Living Room

Surely! This room is perfect to save the space. Especially for you who only has small area to build your house but wish to get large room. The owner of this house creates open plan kitchen-dining-living room in one room. Then, white brick walls make this room appear larger.

White Brick Wall And Rustic Oak Wooden Interior

Rustic lovers, this is a great room design with white brick wall for you. The combination of texture on the wall and oak wooden interior with wooden furniture bring this room fully rustic. Even, the beam with industrial lamps adds more attractive appearance.

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