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8 Coquettish Floral Nursery Room Designs That Your Little Girl Will Love

Little girl room deals with pink and flower. However, it doesn’t mean you are not allowed to apply …

Little girl room deals with pink and flower. However, it doesn’t mean you are not allowed to apply other accents. Having little girl will make you more creative with flower pattern. Designing her room with floral accent may look as the best and easiest way, because flower decor is far from old-fashioned, right?

Secret Garden Nursery

Secret Garden Nursery


Bring natural element for a nursery room is great possible. Look at this beautiful baby room with floral wallpaper in neutral color. Moreover, the designer gives real floral, or you may use faux flower as well, hanged on the ceiling and flower picture on the wall.

Vintage Pink Floral Wall

Here is a lovely crib in gold color for lovely baby girl. Hand-painted floral accent wall comes to make this room looks sweet and charming. The combination of neutral color, shades of pink, and coral create vintage nursery room style.

Wall With Blossoming Paper Flowers

Give a touch of dramatic decor statement for nursery room with blossoming paper flowers. Get softer and cozier textures for girl room with bush pink accents like flower on the vase and pink dolls. This room looks girly and sweet.

Colorful Floral Prints For Nursery Room

Caring baby needs more energy. So, you need to boost your power by seeing wonderful nursery room with colorful floral print. It will boost your mood as well. Sometimes, playing with baby will make you feel tired, but better room decor will give your energy back.

Flowers At Her Feet

You will feel like bring a garden inside your nursery room. With colorful floral rug pattern, your room will be easily updated. Even, you don’t have to spend more budgets. Then, you get tremendous effect with less effort.

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Bright And Airy Girl’s Room

Let’s see a beautiful turquoise floral print that takes major role for your house. It doesn’t need more accents for upgrading wall decor, because the floral pattern already fills the space. Take the same color and or pattern for the bed to look cohesive and comfy.

Rose Garden For Nursery Room

Rose-themed nursery room already tells you more about little girl room. With soft pink color, this room appears silky and sweet. Furthermore, a crystal chandelier on the ceiling adds a touch of glamour. What a pretty design.

Gilded Lily Nursery Room

Are you a lily lover? Golden lily wallpaper brings this nursery room into eye-catching appearance. Then, see the role of dramatic flower lighting fixture that upgrades this room to look more modern. In contrast, black and white rug give sophisticated view.

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