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8 Must Known Painting Technique To Upgrade Your Walls Decor

Painting will give impact to a room decoration. When you feel your room already old-fashioned, you …

Painting will give impact to a room decoration. When you feel your room already old-fashioned, you can upgrade it by changing the paint color. Ask a professional or do it by yourself, it doesn’t matter as long as you know the painting technique. How the way you paint will dramatically change your room look. Like this following ideas;

Sponge To Add Dynamic Texture

Sponge To Add Dynamic Texture


Sponging painting technique may add texture to your wall that appears more attractive. Here, You don’t have to have specific painting skill, even a DIY newbie can do it. What your need to prepare is spongy paint roller or literal sponge and paint.

Rag Rolling Painting

Do you want to get more texture and depth on your wall? Use rag rolling painting technique. The result will look as unfinished painting, but awesome. Applying this technique will add aesthetic value without damage overall design.

Streaking Painting Technique

Streaking painting technique allows you to have horizontal or vertical lines on the wall. It seems elegant for any room. Furthermore, you are free to add more wall accents just like picture frame, hanging planters, or others for more suspicious look.

Color Washing Painting Technique

If you love vibrant color-washed wall, this painting technique will help you to get what you dreamed for. Use a large brush to create glaze over the paint. This technique may bring your room into vintage decoration but inviting.

Stripes Colored

Apply striped color for wall dramatically improves your room decor without spending many budgets. You only have to buy paints. You may mix and match color to create wonderful striped color wall for visual intrigue.

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Metallic Paint

Metallic accent makes your room more stylish. You may use any colors as your desire. With metallic technique the room has modern touch but not boring. Then, it works well with your lighting for larger look.

Harlequin Wall Pattern

Harlequin is classic pattern but will not old-fashioned. Moreover, it will become timeless painting technique that great to apply for any room. Most of people love to apply harlequin for kitchen, home office, and play room.

Wall Stencils

Stencil panting technique keeps your wallet. Even, you don’t have to ask professional help. There are thousands tutorial how to use stencil for painting on internet. So, what are you waiting for? Just order the stencil that strikes your conceive and start to renovate your room with new idea.

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