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How To Style Scandinavian Living Room Designs With Pastel Color

Scandinavian interior design tells us about simplicity, beauty, and utility with passion and love. …

Scandinavian interior design tells us about simplicity, beauty, and utility with passion and love. Some furniture of Scandinavian may have shabby chic accents. Furthermore, Scandinavian usually deals with earth tones or white color. However, at this time we will show you the idea of applying Scandinavian style for living room decoration but with pastel color.

With Inspiring Sofa

With Inspiring Sofa


Everybody who loves pink will adore this Scandinavian living room decoration. With pink sofa that looks so soft and calm, the living room appears welcome and friendly. Further, three rounded tables in front of it seems more than just inviting.

Modern But Still Scandinavian

With wooden floor and a touch of wooden wall, this room appears traditional. Furthermore, the role of white sofa adds a touch of modern decoration. You can see pastel color from those two chairs at the kitchen.

Open Concept Living Room

It doesn’t matter if you apply open concept Scandinavian living room as well. This living room looks amazing with hardwood floor. Give music area for more harmony. Pastel color throw pillows make this living room alive.

Living Room For Condominium

At urban setting place likes condominium we still can apply Scandinavian living room style. Let see this place with white sofa and earthy tone floor concept. Furthermore throw pillow with pastel color makes this room look softer.

Everything Blend

White living room wall color and wooden floor make us recognize Scandinavian style directly. Further, stripped wall comes to give different focal interest. Even, the chair is there to complete this eye-catching living room decor.

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Nordic Pastels

Simple, soft, but inviting are the things that want to show from this living room decoration. The highlight of this room comes from pink wall that attractive. Then, the combination of black, gray, and white looks perfect at this living room decor.

Green Pastel

If you are green lover, this room may look interesting. With green pastel that will make the room feel so fresh. Pay attention to the wall color shades that makes the room appear more chic and inviting. Overall, this is a unique Scandinavian room decor.

With Light Wooden Furniture

White is the basic color of this living room decor. Moreover, pastel color sofa with light wooden basic material looks sophisticated. Whether you have modern or traditional home design, this living room will look stunning for all.

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