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10 Luxurious Area Rugs To Glam Up A Room But Affordable For Any One

Everyone wishes to have a glamour room decoration. However, they tend to have problem with limited …

Everyone wishes to have a glamour room decoration. However, they tend to have problem with limited budgets. Some accessories usually provided in high price. But, you can do install luxurious area rugs to gain your dream of ravishing room decor with budget friendly as follows;

Abstract Area Rug

Abstract Area Rug


When you have modern room design, add abstract area rug will glam it more. Though this rug doesn’t has colorful tone but will upgrade your room decor into more luxurious with its abstract touch. Apply for living room or bedroom seems as great idea.

Braided Area Rug


Give more color for your room with this braided are rug to look more cheerful. No matter what your room style is, this are tug will blend with it. However, it will be better for you to install neutral color furniture too avoid exaggerate decoration.

Distressed Blue Area Rug

This simple rug looks great for adding luxurious touch for any room decoration. Furthermore, if you have mid-century furniture, this rug will complete your room appearance very well.

Bohemian Chic Area Rug

Do you want to add something attractive to your room? This bohemian chic area rug can be one of the best choices. Apply for family room to add warmer atmosphere.

Contemporary Area Rug

This area rug looks sophisticated for your modern room decoration. Combine with navy chair to look cohesive. However, it looks better for you to use this area rug in a plenty lighting room.

Traditional Sofia Area Rug

For a room with rustic style, this area rug will complete the look. Add brown furniture for more enchanting room decor. Dark color floor also works well with this area rug for a vintage style room tone.

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Persian Raylene Area Rug

Make your room more life with this Persian area rug. Look at the pattern and color from this rug that will add luxurious effect for your room. Combine with any chairs as you like and see it will give glamour touch.

Oriental Vintage Area Rug

If you already installed dark furniture and apply dark floor color, use this oriental vintage area rug to brighten it up. White color area rug with simple texture will add clean and fresh tone for a dark room decoration.

Non-Skid Printed Area Rug

Elevate your room with this non-skid printed area rug for classic style. With grey color, this room appears calm and cozy. The rug, complete the style attractively.

Contemporary Stripes Design Modern Area Rug

A navy blue rug after wooden floor will look dramatic. After that, white furniture simply beautify this room decor.

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