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8 Most Recommended Beach-Inspired Bathroom Designs With Seaworthy Touch

Do you love beach? Why don’t you bring beachy feeling at your own home? From choosing beach color s…

Do you love beach? Why don’t you bring beachy feeling at your own home? From choosing beach color scheme till installing beach-inspired wallpaper will level up your bathroom decor. Why should bathroom? No matter what, but you will find more water at bathroom. See these inspiring bathroom decor ideas;

Blue Coastal Bathroom

Blue Coastal Bathroom


Blue shades remind us about the beauty of beach view. Here, Blue penny tile floor at the shower room looks eye-catching. The bathroom appears fresh and bright.

Jellyfish Wall Tile

This bathroom shows home owner’s personality. The tile was made for creating different bathroom design but still has beachy atmosphere. Jellyfish is cute and unique as wall accent.

With Fish Patterned Wallpaper

See the reflection of you at portable mirror with antique finishes. The vanity is designed seriously inviting with mother of pearl wall tile. The wall with fish patterned wallpaper gives pop of color after neutral tone.

Modern Beach House Bathroom

Look at this bathroom with the combination of modern style and coastal cool. Greenery on the vase adds a touch of natural tone. Then, white porcelain tile lets this bathroom to appear bright and seem larger.

Small White Bathroom With Pebble Tile

When you want to change your bathroom into beach-inspired design, install pebble tile. Apply it at the floor or wall as needed. Pebble tile will create beachy effect for bathroom decoration.

Shibori Striped Wallpaper For Bathroom

Shibori striped wallpaper shows you better about beach-inspired bathroom decor. Then, large round metal mirror perfectly reflects the light from pendant light above. The bathroom is designed well with retro pedestal sink.

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Lobster Patterned Wallpaper

This bathroom with high window defines more about your privacy area. Coastal feel comes from the use of lobster patterned wallpaper in bright color tone. While two mirrors show seaside atmosphere with simple touch.

A Breezy Beach Vibe Bathroom

If you love retro style but wish to have modern bathroom design as well, you copy this bathroom look. With abstract fern pattern and sophisticated mirror with wood frame, this room combines retro and modern in different way.



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