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8 Recommended Long Living Room Designs Even For Tiny Space

Small room like apartment, condominium or others will purse your creativity to design it as cozy as…

Small room like apartment, condominium or others will purse your creativity to design it as cozy as possible. In living room, you need to add sofa, chairs, cushion, table, or even coffee table in limited space. Long living room also asks you to mix and match furniture perfectly without make the room too busy. Check out these ideas below;

Long Living Room With Slimmer Materials

Long Living Room With Slimmer Materials


Live in a small home like condominium means that you need to be more creative in decorating your living room. Here, the owner chooses to apply slimmer material for TV console, rug, even for furniture.

Mix Thing Up

To fill a long living room, you have to mix modern pieces with primitive pieces as well. Look at this long living room with modern dresser and traditional sofa design.

Minimalist Long Living Room

Beige is perfect color for a long living room with plenty of natural light as the picture. Tripod light at nook, minimalist sofa in rectangular shape, and simple coffee table. All the things inside this room shows minimalist style looked better.

Transitional Long Living Room

To deal with small room space, use backless seats or benches may look better. Combine with rectangular slim furniture. Then, apply soft green color for more relaxing room.

Long Living Room With Neutral Color

Neutral color makes you easy to mix and match with any accents and furniture. Two seats, ottomans, and round table are looked simple but beautiful. You may add a simple patterned rug as well to fill the floor.

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Long Living Room With Cathedral Ceiling

Even a small living room can give you stunning experience. This long living room completed well with a stone fireplace and chimney. Then, look at the ceiling with chambered beams and white wood panel that combined in great way.

Paneling On All Walls

With coffered ceiling and Oly pendant, this long living room looks higher. You will be surprised seeing a built-in book cases and bay window that will become a perfect nook to read. Then, calacatta slab fireplace surround and hearth complete this living room as an adorable long living design.

With Custom Furnishings

This living room has two seating spots that can be choose as you like. With fabulous art and vintage pieces, you will feel like in an ancient time. However, it looks larger with plenty of natural light. The color combination looks different but eye-catching.



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