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8 Splendid Beach-Inspired Living Room Designs That Will Inspire You

Beach becomes one of the most favorite places to spend summer. When you miss the situation of beach, you can bring some of its element as your living room decor. The easiest way to have beachy living room is by adopting the colors such as white, silver, and blue. However, you can try other ways as follows;

Miami Tropical Living Room

Miami Tropical Living Room


The designer of this house tries to combine traditional and modern design at this living room. Further, the beachy atmosphere can be seen from the replica of ship over the fire pit. In contrast, modern touch got from the windows.

Palm Beach Apartment

Seaside colors that applied at this room can make us feel the atmosphere of the most beautiful beach. With contemporary and transitional elements, this living room feels warmer. Then, any furniture here is combined to looks like beach view.

Jackson Design

Blue tells more about beach as what you can see at this Jackson living room design. Further, the seating functions as focal interest of this room decor. With simple lighting concept that comes from natural light, this room reminds the beauty of beach so well.

Lido Island Living Room

Here is living room with more furniture that shout about beach more than you wish. Let see the rug, sofas, and pillows are set up to make the room has beach atmosphere. Let see the table with dark grey color tone is really inviting.

Watch Hill Cottage

The curtain, chair, sofa, and table come in unique furniture combination. This room feels so warm even at a very cold day. You will feel like in a most comfortable area at your favorite beach. Enjoy the time while relaxing your mind.

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Bring Sand and Sea Inside

Beige sand, blue ocean, white or silver seashells may inspire this room decor. You can see the color of throw pillows, sofa and chair at this living room. You may copy this beachy living room design for any house style.

House Hamptons Living Room

Get ready to face summer. Designing your living room to feel like beach is one of the best decisions. Further, you need to prepare furniture with beachy color like blue, peppermint, or white. Then, enjoy your leisure time.

Contemporary Beach Cottage Living Room

Turquoise and yellow accents also indicate the color of beach. Those colors make you remember the beach and sunset. Bring some beach-inspired element like what this living room designer did may help the room appear more sophisticated.

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