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8 Easy And Creative Ways To Upgrade Bathroom Wall Decor

Bathroom may build in any styles and theme. However, you need to upgrade its look periodically to a…

Bathroom may build in any styles and theme. However, you need to upgrade its look periodically to avoid monotonous appearance. Remodel it will need extra budget. So, you need to think more how to change bathroom decor without make it too busy. Check out these ideas below to inspire you;

Add Gorgeous Sconces

Add Gorgeous Sconces


Look at the stunning sconces and a bold mirror on this bathroom wall that dramatically changes it look. Add with vintage-inspired wallpaper to have more enchanting appearance. Bravo! The room becomes more interesting.

A Hanging Portrait In The Bathroom

The designer of this bathroom shows us unexpected hanging portrait also could give much impact. Display your favorite portrait on bathroom wall to improve its design.

Add Some Shelves On The Wall

Voila! Add some shelves actually give your more than you wish. This idea provides you more functional wall decor. Put some greenery, candles, or other stuffs. Yes, you have more storage and beautiful wall accent too.

Use Monogrammed Print

One of the great ways to personalize a bathroom is using monogrammed print that tell the real you. It doesn’t need much money, just a framed letter. The bathroom looks more chic and inviting, but simple with floral wallpaper.

Experiment With Tiles

Rather than install wallpaper, experiment with tiles for wall art looks different. Create a box line as frame. Then, start to add tile artwork with various patterns. You may create it as big as you like to fill the space.

By Hanging a Watercolor

Pick up a piece of artwork you love and hang it on the bathroom wall will dramatically improve its design. Like this bathroom with leaves watercolor on the wall. It is simple but creates tremendous effect for bathroom decor.

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Display a Gallery Wall

Create a unique gallery wall by displaying some accents like this bathroom. With bold wallpaper, those accents looked blend with the whole decoration. Oversized art print completes this gallery wall very well.

Go With Rich Greenery

Fill the space with greenery adds millions bucks. You gain better air, fresh and natural bathroom look, and beautiful view. Hang some green plants on the wall will make you wish to stay long in the bathroom.





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