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8 Pretty Wall Hung Planters To Improve Your Wall Decor

Wall hung planters add cute accent for our wall decor. Though most of them are in small pieces but …

Wall hung planters add cute accent for our wall decor. Though most of them are in small pieces but can create wonderful effect. There are thousands wall hung planters styles that may be fit to our house with less price. They are just incredible pieces that will improve your decoration. See these ideas;

Mason Jar Wall Hang Planter

Mason Jar Wall Hang Planter


A wood wall planter with Mason jar looks expensive and elegant. Due its natural brown wood color, it will be fit to any room decoration. Even, you may use it for indoor plant or take it as outdoor accent.

Origami Wall Planter

It is easy to make, even for a DIY newbie. Just take an origami and create any shape as you like. However, if you don’t have time you may buy it online. It’s cheap and cute for your accent wall.

Monogrammed Vertical Wall Planter

Plant succulent or cacti at this outstanding wall hang planter may look interesting for you who love indoor garden. You may have specific letter as you like. Then, paint it with other colors that fit to your wall color.

Hollow Blocks Planter

Look at this simple wall hang planter! It is made from wood with a hole at the center to plant any succulent, cacti, or other plants. Hang at any nook to make your room prettier.

Funky Wall Hung Planter

Ceramic wall planter with unique pattern can improve your room decoration. Though it is only a small part but will add wonderful effect to your wall. This is a cute wall hang planter for your kid’s room too.

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Wreath Wall Planter

Wreath is not only for holiday. This wreath wall planter beautifies your wall any time. Just hang it on the wall with its greenery. It adds more natural accent and give you better quality air.

Vintage Wall Hung Planter

Vintage wall accent with hand painted Italian art at this pottery looks awesome for your wall. The pattern reminds us about the last period. Hang this pottery anywhere to add to add classic touch for your decor.

Ceramic Wall Hung Planter

This is a unique shape wall planter. Some people use it for indoor and outdoor as they like. Here, you can plant rose as well and hang it at one of your bedroom nook. Just make sure to get plenty natural lighting to keep the rose grows well.

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Last modified: September 22, 2020