10 Apartment Unique Wall Design Ideas That Inspiring

Since the apartment becomes a lifestyle in modern life, many people deciding to live in the apartment. There are many reasons why people choose to live in an apartment. One of them is the practical and modern style becomes a reason for some people to choose the apartment as their living space. But, when choosing to live in the apartment we have to deal with space and interior design which has existed. Maybe for some people is not a big deal, but if you want a different look, you have to make a little bit changed to your apartment interior design.

You can try to change the furniture, the layout, color scheme, or pay attention to the wall design. There are many wall designs that you can apply to your apartment and get a unique look. From applying a unique wallpaper, attaching some wall art on the wall, repainting your wall with your favorite color or if you have high creativity you can apply a mural art to your apartment wall. For the rustic passion, letting the exposed brick wall on one side of your apartment walls surely will enhance your apartment look. We have some suggestions about the unique wall design for your apartment. Following these pictures above and hope it can inspire you to decorate your apartment wall.

Using brick walls will display a unique impression on the decoration of your apartment. some vintage furniture will complement the decor.
Unique apartment wall design ideas with exposed brick mixed with shades of white. This design is equipped with several spotlights that can illuminate the room perfectly.
Unique walls with exposed brick combined with shades of white and wooden floors give a broad impression that makes your apartment space look more attractive.
The unique walls of natural stone create a different scene in the decoration of this apartment. Combine with shades of white to give the impression spacious and neat.
Make your apartment look as attractive as possible. Unique exposed brick walls give an amazing impression. You can try this decoration in your living room.
Unique exposed brick walls and classic furnishings offer the perfect combo to create the perfect apartment. Glass doors offer beautiful outdoor views.

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Murals with forest motifs give rise to a very thick tropical atmosphere. This unique wall decroation works well with some contemporary furniture to decorate your home.

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This unique wall design uses a Paris-themed mural. Try this decoration in the living room of your apartment to provide attractive choices.

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This cartoon motif mural makes it look modern in its own way. This illusion really spoil the eye and add attraction to the bedroom of your apartment.
This colorful triangle shape mural can provide a cheerful atmosphere to the bedrooms of your apartment. This mural can make your ordinary room more beautiful.

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For instance, if your wood flooring has orange undertones, try out a blue-gray color for those walls. When it regards wooden wall coverings, you’ve got many options depending on the color and texture of wood. White, the most frequently used neutral for walls, is a perfect backdrop should you really wish to showcase the wood tones inside the room.

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Living in an apartment, sometimes forces you to have a smart decoration and arrangement. The limited space that owns by apartment can create a boring feel if you can’t create coziness and uniqueness. Applying a unique wall design is one way to make your apartment looks different, interesting but comfortable at the same time. This is a simple way that you can do before you make a big change to your apartment interior design. Hopefully, by following those ideas above, you can choose the best one and it can be applied to your apartment decor.


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