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8 Smart Tricks To Save Space For Small Apartment That Really Work

For you who live in a small apartment, you need to be more creative to save space. Due to an apartm…

For you who live in a small apartment, you need to be more creative to save space. Due to an apartment usually only have tiny space, you cannot hope to add more storage like cabinet or big drawers. Furthermore, your goods may make your room cluttered. So, may see these tricks to save your small apartment space easily;

Hang Hats and Bags on Your Walls

Hang Hats And Bags On Your Walls


Rather than put your bags or hats anywhere, it will be better to hang them on the walls. It doesn’t only function to save space but add a bit of decor. Your small apartment looks tidier and you don’t have to find any storage to keep your bags and hats.

Get a Sofa That Can Also Fold Into a Bed

When you live in an apartment, get a sofa that can also fold into bed is genius. This furniture will have double functions, use as bed for sleeping at night and a seating at day. Furthermore, you don’t have to add more room for bedroom and or living room.

Try Benches or Cushions

Instead of using sofa as seating that may need more space, install benches or cushions appear better. It doesn’t need large space and has the some functions as sofa. Furthermore, it will save your budget and give unique view to your apartment.

Use Sliding Doors

Sliding doors give your more space than swing doors. Moreover, you will see that your apartment has vintage elements that look classic. You may paint the door to math with your small apartment decor.

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Use Color in Unexpected Way

Don’t be afraid of trying unexpected color for your room. This bathroom applies full pink color rather than others to create larger effect. It looks successful than uses bold color like black, brown deep blue. Make sure you give better lighting as well.

Make A Window As The Focal Point

Your apartment can feel so large when you take window as the focal point. Apply large window that will give more natural sunlight for your room. It helps your apartment appears bigger and healthier with more morning sunlight.

Add A Clothing Rail

Adding cabinet may need more space, but clothing rail or rack will save your cloths very well. Besides, you will easy to find what cloth you need today easier. Even it can be put anywhere, included under the stairs.

Add Floating Shelves

Floating shelves may help you to save your goods even in small room. Create floating shelves from some boards that hanged on the wall.

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Last modified: April 30, 2021