8 Smart Ideas to Steal for Your Apartment

Living in a small space is can be a b bit tough, especially when your decorating options are limited by rental rules and landlord laws. But do not let it ruin your creativity. Let these 8 smart small apartment decorating ideas on a budget inspire you to make the space just like what you want.

1. Gallery Display


Think vertical; floating shelves-to show off a collection of decorative objects and mementos in your apartment. Stagger the shelves for a unique look. Basic shelves serve as a strong basis for rotating displays. They will go with almost anything, which means you can change the look of the vignette without making any more holes in your apartment walls.

2. Secret Stash


Place furniture in the corners of rooms at an angle, and use the space behind to stash baskets of extra linens, toys, crafts supplies, or whatever else you need to store. Select baskets that coordinate with the room’s style.

3. Apartment Lighting


Good lighting can completely transform a room, so invest in lamps to place on end tables, nightstands, and side tables. Position floor lamps to illuminate dark corners, and hang plug-in sconces in hallways or above sofas. Plug-in under-cabinet lighting will give your kitchen work areas new life and make cooking tasks easier.

4. Hidden Storage


Make a hidden storage to keep your stuff secretly. In this picture above, a beautifully skirted table hides a secret. Beneath the sumptuous fabric is a shelving unit that holds dining room extras. Use the skirted-table trick as a small apartment bedroom idea and house shoes or handbags below, or in a living room to hide media components.

5. Pillow Panache


The smallest of decorations can make a big impact. Bring personality to your apartment with plenty of fun throw pillows. To make changing your look easier down the road, buy pillow covers and pillow forms separately. New covers can go on the forms, and the old covers can be stashed away without taking up much storage space.

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6. Multipurpose Hamper


Use hamper around your apartment; for stashing umbrellas and hats, extra linens, or kids’ toys.

7. Fill Up Boring Wall


Hang a grid of favorite pictures or prints inside frames with large mats. The bigger mats will provide much-needed white space for an active display.

8. Save Space


Try to invest in a large, one-stop-shop bookcase that will serve multiple storage needs and place it in a central location in your apartment unit and store books and dishes on the upper shelves; place bins, baskets, or drawers on the lower shelves to house linens, flatware, office supplies, and any extra things that don’t have a place to live.


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