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8 Best Indoor Plants For More Refreshing Air That Easy To Care

There are many plants that can be used for room decoration. However, not all of them give other adv…

There are many plants that can be used for room decoration. However, not all of them give other advantages. Best plant is the one that beautify a room and refresh air which is mean has more than just decorative accent. Like these following best indoor plant;

Dwarf Citrus For Room

Dwarf Citrus For Room


Installing dwarf citrus may need more attention due this plant is high maintenance. However, you will see fresh view right on your nook. Put it next to the window to get natural light. So, it can grow well and give you as beautiful fruit as you wish.

Fishtail Fern

With glossy and leathery leaves, plant fishtail fern may improve your room decor. You don’t have to work hard to care this plant. It grows well even with low light. Then, it will not shatter in fry condition as well. Fishtail fern is easy to care and refreshing.

Snake Plant

Commonly, this plant called as mother-in-law’s tongue also functions as decorative accent. Moreover, it helps to reduce toxin. This green plant can be put anywhere at your house, indoor or outdoor. Even, it is low maintenance.

Moth Orchid for Indoor

Avoid too much sun, water, and fertilizer to keep orchid grows well. When you put everything in medium, you will see this plant blooms beautifully. Just make sure that what orchid want is on the right track.

Rex Begonia For Indoor

Rex begonia provides your red or purple color to add beauty for your room. If you like to have a sense of mystery, this plant works well with it. Make sure you care this plant to not grow abundance.

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Beautiful Air Plant

This is a magic plant that can grow well without soil. Some people mount them on driftwood for an aesthetic look. You can arrange them in glass globes for more beautiful appearance. Or, perch them on teacups is also good idea.

String Of Pearls

This green pear comes to add unique view for your house. Moreover, it helps you to fresh the air. However, it needs high light and soil with good drainage to keep this plant grows well.

Baby Tears Plant

Take care this plant by consistent moist to see it grows beautifully. The good news is that you can combine this pant with other terrarium. With simple pot, baby tears plant will add aesthetic and natural value for your room decoration.






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