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9 Simple Ways to Create Modern Bathroom Design That Cozy And Soft

Modern bathroom is all you need for this era. Rather than rustic bathroom that needs large space, m…

Modern bathroom is all you need for this era. Rather than rustic bathroom that needs large space, modern bathroom only asks tiny space. So, this design will be fit to you who live in small apartment or tiny house. Furthermore, modern bathroom doesn’t require more accents or furniture. All is about simplicity and cleanness.

Gray Bathroom

Gray Bathroom


Gray is neutral for any room design. That’s why using gray as the basic color for modern bathroom is perfect decision. With gray Wetstyle tub and gray palette, the room appears in cohesive look with sophisticated design.

Keep It Sleek & Streamlined

Let yourself get ultimate relaxing time by using floating tub. Moreover, graphic wallpaper that covers this bedroom wall makes your eyes calmer. You can spend more time at this modern bathroom design to upgrade your mood better.

Try A Walk-In Shower

Modern design for a bathroom deals with clean and minimalist look. It will be better for you to apply walk-in showers that simple and tidy. Then, the sink and towel handle can be put outside. This design is only need small space.

Go Bold Color

Bold color tells you more about modern design than using rustic details. It makes the bathroom looked fresh and fun. Get your happy feeling comes back after you see the reflection of you at this bathroom. Then, you can enjoy anytime you come to this bathroom.

All White Everything

Bright bathroom is needed more than other bathroom design. White makes the bathroom look larger and fresh. Add a pom-pom to give simple accent but chic. No more patterns. This bathroom will give your softer and cozier feeling.

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A Floating Vanity

Basically, modern bathroom design gives you more open space. With clean vanity, you can touch up your appearance better. Bright bathroom help you to feel cozy and fun, though you only take minutes at this nook.

Mix Your Styles

Feel free to combine any texture and pattern for your bathroom. There are little bit industrial lamp, pattern rug, and rustic drawers that in one combination.

Get A Plant

Rather than makes the nook empty, it will be better to add one plant. It gives your fresh and clean air. Then, this simple green plant also adds aesthetic value.

Add A Rug

You don’t need to add various decor at modern bathroom. What you need to apply is only a rug to cover the floor. Choose the rug with simple pattern and soft color to blend with other furniture.

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Last modified: April 19, 2021