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8 Small-Space Friendly Vanities To Improve Your Bathroom Decoration

Tiny bathroom is simple but make you feel stuck to upgrade it. Due to its small area, you cannot in…

Tiny bathroom is simple but make you feel stuck to upgrade it. Due to its small area, you cannot install cabinet. However, you can add vanity. It is smaller and simpler and gives you more than you wish as powder room and storage as well. See these following ideas with small-space friendly vanities to improve your bathroom decoration;

Bold Basin Sink

Bold Basin Sink


Worrying about the amount of money on your wallet? Buy this black vanity to complete your bathroom. This budget-friendly furniture will improve your bathroom look surprisingly to appear elegant and attractive.

Vanity With Mid-Century Feel

You will see a classic decor after installing this mid-century vanity. However, it will give timeless look and a touch of mysterious feel. You may put a basket under this vanity to keep your essentials or others.

Ultra Modern Vanity

If you build super sleek bathroom style, installing this ultra modern vanity looks better to complete it. With white stats and bottom shelf, this vanity appears in a simple but minimalist design. It will be perfect for small bathroom.

A Navy Blue Vanity

Navy blue is warm color that will blend with white bathroom. Even, it makes the room appear elegant. With sink basin and gold fixture, this vanity will complete your small bathroom design beautifully.

Airy White Vanity

Small space usually installed white furniture to create larger look. Here, airy white vanity works well for small bathroom area. Look at the mind-blowing mirror door. Then, this vanity also completed with bottom storage.

Warm Dark Cherry Wood Vanity

This vanity is only 18 inches square, so it doesn’t require wide space. Completed with white ceramic sink at the top of it, this vanity will be blend with any bathroom style, contemporary or traditional.

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Classic Sink Mini Vanity

Appear with gray and a marble top, this mini vanity will complete your small bathroom without make it looked clutter. Furthermore, thanks with more storage that will keep the room tidy. With neutral color, you don’t have to worry to combine it with other accents.

Wall-Mounted Vanity Set

A floating vanity keep your bathroom looks neat and clean. Moreover, it provided in white color to make a small bathroom looks wider. Wall-mounted vanity even upgrade your bathroom to appear more stylish.


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