20 Smart Ways to Give Your Home a Great Statement

You may think that it is easy to create a good home decoration as you can do it yourself since there are thousand ideas on the internet available these days. You just have to decide on the style and start buying things at the stores or making some DIY of it. Thing that you missed is that no matter how expensive or pretty your decoration is, your home won’t look that good if you don’t give any statement there. Statement is important because it can be something that really eye catching and sue people to give their good first impression of your home just by looking at something stand out there. You may confuse on how to add some statement into your home or even don’t have any idea at all on what statement is. If you are craving of some ideas on it, then stay on this page because we have some smart ways to be adapted for your home statement.

Basically there some things to be done for your home statement, it could be by giving some wall treatment, or the easiest yet pretty way is by installing stand out lighting. But first of all let us talk about the wall first before we jump into the lighting. For the wall, there are two choices of treatment that you can do, by conjure it with unique wall pattern or by installing some artworks to make it into an artistic wall gallery. There are certain kinds of wall gallery, the one that only comes in colors or by installing something to make it has a texture. If you want to make it into patterned, you can use wood, rocks, or even ceramics. Just correspond it with your budget and personal taste. For the wall gallery, you can have it if you love arts and have some artworks collection or portraits. However, if you don’t have much time to think about art things, you can simply adding the statement into your home by installing lamps since there are so many stand out lamps available at the stores nowadays. The pictures below will show you more about giving statement into your home. Enjoy!

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Unique Wall Pattern

A chevron marble wall is inspiring in a bathroom with a large mirror, a white bath tub, big window and thin curtains to create good lighting
A leaves wallpaper brings bohemian elegance for your home office with hanging galleries for decoration walls
Geometric wallpaper and colorful drapery feel exuberant in a bedroom to create a cozy
Wood wall texture is stunning in a small space with a chair to relax and abstract painting for decoration walls

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the minimalist bedroom decor ideas with unique palette pattern on soft blues and purples walls to create Calm down a space
a cozy scandinavian living room decor ideas with unique geometric pattern walls, round coffee tables, colorful sofa cushion, blue and white rug, and floor lamp to give bright colors

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Artistic Wall Gallery

A convex mirror for wall decoration with wall gallery collection to create the beauty of the room
A mix of nautical paintings with a seafaring scene in a cozy wooden paneled room
a simple rustic living room decor ideas with maps gallery brings classic polish
A white room with a beautiful butterfly gallery on the walls, white wooden pallet walls and white storage cabinet for your home
modern dining room decor ideas with modern wall decoration to create the beauty for your space
apply various kinds of artwork for wall decoration can create an artistic room

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Stand Out Lighting

a romantic chandelier or a modern pendant for living room decoration to create set the mood
a unique floor lamp that curves over for living room decoration at the corner can make beautiful room

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a modern farmhouse living room design with a metallic pendant lights To Look classic
a simple living room design with a Lounge chairs and A simple metallic table lamp for reading the book
decorative lighting that made of gold metal at the corner to create romantic impression for living room decoration
Mid-century modern look in your living room with pendant lamp from industrial material for your Dream House
a creative light decoration on the wall for traditional living room
a creative wall gallery with unique lamps decoration to add an artistic room

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