30 Pretty Enchanting DIY Dream Catcher Ideas for Your Bohemian Home Decoration

Talking about home decoration will never end since there are countless ideas of DIY ornaments that you can make. Bohemian decoration concept especially, brings its own unique yet creative impression for your home. One of the ornaments of a boho decoration is a dream catcher. It sounds interesting to deal with a dream catcher ideas. Before we tell mpre about how to make a DIY dream catcher, let’s talk little bit about its history. Well, a dream catcher was made by tribes and they hang it near the bed to protect their newborns. Nowadays, Native Americans believe that night air is filled with dreams. Then, the dream catcher can filter out all bad dreams. A dream catcher is made from a sacred items like feathers and beads, shells, leather, gemstones, and so on.

You can make a DIY dream catcher by yourself from the material you have already had in hand. The first example of a DIY dream catcher is made from fabric scraps. Don’t throw away your fabric scraps. It would be better if the fabric is in different colors so that your dream catcher will also be colorful. The second is the most commonly seen one, that is feathery dream catcher. You can easily find feathers surround you. Weaving for the hoop, then decorate it with your feathers (you can color them into the color you want by using food coloring), beads, seashells and leaves for an awesome design. It does not matter if you want to have natural color, in this case is white feather as white makes the sacred impression. To complete this boho ornaments, you can also made a dream catcher from rattan and peacock feather. The natural color of the peacock feather brings its own uniqueness and beauty toward your DIY dream catcher. Hang it on your bedroom wall, livingroom wall, or porch. A dream catcher does not have to be a circle, you can explore your creativity to make a triangle feathery dream catcher. Choose your beloved dominant color for the hoop and the web. You are possible to hang more than one dream catchers in anyroom you want. Well, scroll down this page to get more inspiring ideas of a creative yet stunning boho DIY dream catcher.

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Wonderful Light Blue wall paper Dream Catcher
Round white Dream Catcher For Bedroom
Unique Dream Catcher For Living Room
Stunning Red And White Dream Catcher For Bedroom
Small White Dream Catcher And White Feather Decoration
Small Rattan Dream Catcher
Simple Peacock Feather Catcher
Triangle Light Green Dream Catcher
Interesting Blue And White Dream Catcher
Giant Dream Catcher
Hanging Big Round Black Dream Catcher
Brown Feather Crafts Dream Catcher
Cute Pink Dream Catcher For Living Room
Creative White Dream Catcher For Room Office
Craft Dream Catcher with Heart Shape
Creative Colorful Dream Catcher
Black Vintage Dream Catcher
Black Dream Catcher For Living Room
Black wall art Dream Catcher
Best Red Dream Catcher For Dining Room
Beautiful White Pattern Dream Catcher On The Wall
Best Rattan Dream Catcher
Beautiful Hanging White Dream Catcher
Beautiful Round Pink Dream Catcher
An Amazing Round Brown Dream Catcher
An Awesome Round Blue Dream Catcher
An Amazing Dream Catcher Feather
An Amazing Colorful Dream Catcher
Beautiful Yellow Dream Catcher
Gorgeous White Dream Catcher


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