15 Possible DIY Summer Projects for Your Home Decoration

Making the DIY projects for your home decoration is really possible. Then, having the seasonal decoration will also be great. This summer, if you want to have the summer decoration to your home but don’t have enough budget and won’t give too much decoration to your home, then making your own DIY decoration project is the best way. With that, you can control the portion of the decoration yourself and apply something that you really want to be based on your taste and needs. For example, you can have DIY vases, ornaments, storage, and more. The following 15 ideas are the references for you to let you know that this project will be really easy, cheap, and interesting.

DIY Painting Roses Vases

One of the DIY summer projects that you can do this year is to redesign the flower vase with a variety of different patterns. To start this project you can buy paints in various colors, ranging from red, blue, white, pink and yellow. All of these colors will be useful and used according to the pattern applied. Furthermore, the pattern used can be a floral pattern with colorful stripes. After this vase is ready to use, you can fill it with a series of roses, before that you can fill the vase with clean water.

Colorful Summer Garland

Don’t let your wall decor look plain and boring. Now you can make a summer garland sign made of affordable materials. Paper is the right material and you can try it, just use paper with different patterns and colors. To emphasize the summer theme, you can add fruit ornaments such as watermelon and pineapple. There’s nothing wrong with combining different patterns in this garland, for example, combining a striped pattern with a floral one.

DIY Summer Pallet Project

The pallet is one of the materials that can be tried in your summer project design this year. You can turn them into cubbies that can be used as storage for some ornaments or decorations that are suitable for summer. For example, you can use it as a plant stand and place a gold pineapple ornament that has a fairly large size. Repaint this storage cubies pallet with a variety of different colors such as blue, mint, and dark green which will work well together and maximize.

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Corck Succulent Planters

Who would have thought that corck could be a DIY project in the summer? Turn this material into a succulent planter that can be hung on an empty wall. For the type of succulent, you can use a variety of different types as well to make it look more varied. Don’t forget to water it regularly to produce maximum growth, you can use a sufficient amount of corck so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. Arrange the layout of hanging this planter in a neat and attractive arrangement as possible.

Hanging Macrame Planters

Macrame is a versatile material because besides being able to be used as a wall decoration, it can also be used as a tool to hang some of the green plants you have. Just install and apply these macrame planters to a sturdy wooden shelf stand. Hang it at different heights to make it look more varied. For now, you can apply it in the balcony area so that this plant can still get maximum sunlight during the day. Do the making of these hanging planters by knitting them a little.

Summer Wall Art Decoration

A touch of boho to a DIY summer craft will work well and can certainly blend more perfectly. Currently, you can make a wall decoration consisting of a small wreath and two sun catchers which are applied simultaneously to a tree branch combined with white thread. You can make a DIY wreath with faux floral material that has a small size and can also be combined with faux green leaves as well. These summer boho crafts will perfectly decorate the walls, and of course will bring the room to life.

Summer Beads Sun Catcher

Collect enough beads that you have at home or you can just buy them in a variety of different colors. Turn beads into a creative craft, namely a sun catcher. Arrange and arrange beads with a variety of different colors ranging from a mix of blue, white, and orange. All these colors are suitable when made to get a touch of summer. It’s not enough to stop here, you can put it on the windowsill or outside to make it look more attractive when exposed to the reflection of the sun during the day.

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Wall Framed Planters

No need to worry when you have plain pallet walls with a layer of white paint. Currently, you can decorate it with several frame planters that are used for various types of succulents or flowers of different types. Previously you could make a frame with this small square shape yourself and repaint it according to your current wall paint so that it blends in better. Next, arrange and attach the succulent planters frame to the wall vertically with a neat arrangement and of course with a distance that is not too far or not too close. Try this wall decor idea easily and maximally.

Bold Floral Wreath Ideas

To welcome your guests in the summer you can repaint the front door using a bright pink color. Complete the appearance of this front door with a floral wreath that has a splash of bold color. Combine sunflowers with red roses to give a more contrasting appearance and can be used as a focal point for family or guests who come to your home. Not only a wreath, but you can also hang a flower pot right next to the front door as a combination of decorations that can work well together and perfectly.


Paper Watermellon for Windowsill Decor

An easy way that you can do to decorate a windowsill is to make an easy craft. For example, you can make watermelon ornaments made of paper and can be colored with a combination of red and green so that it is the same as the original color. Make this DIY ornament more than one with a size large enough. With this, the existence of paper watermelons can be seen from the outside or from inside the room. Watermelon windowsill decoration is also suitable for bringing a touch of summer instantly, you can try it on a budget.

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Summer Nightstand Decoration

Not only decorating the walls of your home, but now you can also decorate the nightstand in the bedroom decoration. The next DIY project you can do is to make a wooden frame with a hexagon shape and of course, it can be used as a flower vase holder that is quite small. Before filling this glass vase with blooming flowers, you can fill it first with clean water so it doesn’t wilt easily when placed in the room. This DIY project is perfect for use in a room with a modern or minimalist style.

Ice Cream Garland Ideas

One way you can do to decorate a fireplace or an empty wall is to hang a colorful garland. You can make it yourself to be more cost-effective. Ice cream garland is the best choice you can choose, the color combinations that can be combined are red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. All these colors will make your home decor more colorful and not easily boring. Make this summer DIY project with graphic patterned paper that can be used as a funnel.

DIY Wall Hanging Decoration

Take advantage of the triangle floating shelves that you have to place various ornaments or decorations that are suitable for summer this year. The first decoration you can do is decorate it with a colorful pom-pom garland. In addition to the garland, you can also add a string light so that it can still be seen clearly at night. Decorations or ornaments that you can use are a potted plant with a red color, a small ship, and a candle holder with a unique shape. The existence of these floating shelves makes wall decorations more attractive.

Pallet Wall Scones Vase Ideas

Look at this series of faux sunflowers attached to wooden wall scones, doesn’t it look interesting at night? Yes, you can add a string light with white or yellow lighting. This sunflower can also be used as the focal point of the room because it has a fairly large size. In addition to being a wall decoration, this DIY project can also be used as additional lighting when the atmosphere in your home feels darker. Making these handicrafts is very cheap and suitable for those of you who want to save costs when making them.

Summer Macrame for Wall Hanging

Add style, color, and texture to your walls with a hanging macrame that looks DIY and can be made yourself without the need for a professional. This great project can be completed in just a few days at a low cost. The materials used here are two different colors of thread, green leaves, and blooming flower ornaments. Use only fake leaves and flowers so they don’t wilt easily when used for a long period of time. The thread that can be used is yellow with green so that it looks quite a contrast and makes your room feel more alive.


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