Change Your Cushion Look with These Summer Themes

Cushions are home accessories that can create comfort that is placed in any part of your home. Let’s say that you can have it for your bedroom, living room, or even your outdoor space like porch, patio, or terrace. During summer, a cushion is also needed to add comfort. It could be when you want to enjoy your time in your garden or simply have your time on your swing. In giving the summer touches to your cushion, you can simply choose the cushion cover that has a summer touches pattern. Or, you can also make the DIY cushion cover by knitting some accessories there. You can check the following ideas for the complete references for your summer cushion designs.

Roses and Succulent Pattern

Adding a bright color to your living room decor will create a stylish oasis to enjoy the summer of this year. This bright color can be presented in the use of cushions that can be placed neatly on the sofa. Basically, these cushions have a striped pattern that has a mix of pastel colors between white and light blue. The succulent pattern with roses is a perfect and beautiful pattern combination that will emphasize the summer theme in this room.

Blooming Roses Cushion

Roses are a suitable pattern when applied to summer-style room decor. For now, you can apply this roses cushion on the sofa which can be combined with some neutral colored pillows around it. With this, this floral patterned pillow will look more bold, beautiful, and feminine. You can make this cushion one of the focal points of the room that emphasizes the summer in this room.

Tropical Cockatoo Cushion

Instead of using a plain cushion with a cushion that has a summer pattern. The summer pattern that you can try is the tropical cockatoo which is dominated by a mix of green and white and a little pink because this cushion has thick cotton material so it is ready to be used outdoors and is not easy to mold when exposed to water because it can be washed again. The cockatoo is one of the animals that fits this summer theme very well. The side part is equipped with tassels to give a more distinct and elegant look.

Summer Nautical Themed

There is nothing wrong with entering a nautical pattern on the cushion used in the summer. Nautical patterns that can be entered are anchors and ships. White and blue is the perfect color combinations for this summer nautical theme. Besides being able to present the theme of the room, these cushions are also able to make the surface of your chair softer and very comfortable of course. Place it outside or indoors according to your needs.

Linen Summer Cushion

To perfect the part of the sofa that is outside or inside the house, you can add a cushion that has a pattern according to summer. Floral patterns are always the best choice that will never fail. It’s not enough to get here, you can also use linen cloth for this cushion cover to make it easier to wash when it starts to get dirty. Do sewing on this cushion using a sewing machine to make it more neat and orderly according to the initial pattern of this cushion.

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Yarn Knitting Cushion

If you have knitting skills, then you can apply it to the use of a cushion that can be placed on a wooden pallet chair. That way you will save more on expenses because you can do it yourself, you can also knit this pillow according to the pattern you want. This cushion can make your sitting more comfortable all day while relaxing outdoors. To make it look more modern, you can repaint this pallet chair with a choice of colors such as light blue.

Summer Bright Color Cushion

Don’t just use a cushion with a floral pattern for a touch of summer in your room. For now, you can use other patterns, it’s just that you have to pay attention to the color of the cushions used. Usually, summer designs are dominated by the use of bright colors such as pink combined with light blue, then you can also choose a classic bohemian pattern for a less flashy look. These two cushions will work well together for your comfortable sitting on the sofa.

Colorful Patchwork Cushion

Reuse some of the remaining pieces of fabric that you have to apply to a summer pillow that will give a pleasant impression. This patchwork cushion has a colorful look with an abstract pattern. The combination of gray with light blue that dominates this cushion will work well together to produce a more neutral color tone. Place the pillow in any area according to your needs, but you should place it in a room that is often visited by guests or your friends.

Sunrise Cushion Ideas

Do not always use floral patterns or greenery for the design of summer cushions. For now, you can try other patterns, for example, the sunrise pattern that leads to the sunny part of the cloud in the morning before noon. The view of this bright blue cloud is also complemented by a pattern of blooming flowers and green plants that look fresh. So that this cushion can be displayed to guests who come to the house, it’s a good idea to put it on the sofa in the living room. Not only a sunrise patterned cushion, but you can combine it with plain cushions in bright colors like yellow.

Nature Inspired Pattern Cushion

One of the best ways you can do to liven up the atmosphere of a room is to use an interior that has a beautiful pattern with a touch of bright color. For example, you can put a cushion with a small flower pattern that is dominated by a combination of white, pink, and light yellow. This floral pattern gives a natural impression that fits perfectly with the other colors of the pillows around it. The faux fur blanket that is placed right next to this pillow becomes a neutral accessory that will add a comfortable impression when you are on this wooden chair.

Floral and Birds Pattern Cushion

Bright color tones will add energy to your living room decorating ideas with colorful cushions that will create a trendy summer party effect. This floral print with birds on one cushion will look fun and attract attention. You can put it on the sofa to add comfort and make your room bold and lively. Green, pink, red, and blue make a beautiful color combination that will work well and perfectly.

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Shabby Chic Floral Cushion

This floral pattern with a variety of different types and colors is in the use of a cushion that is suitable for welcoming summer this year. Because this cushion is dominated by plain white, it looks quite simple and shabby chic. For a more optimal appearance, the sides of this cushion can be sewn and perfected with different patterned fabrics so that it looks more varied. Chairs with geometric patterns are a blend that can blend well.

Flamingo Summer Cushion

Don’t use plain cushions for summer decorations this year. Change and show the difference by using a flamingo cushion that is dominated by a combination of pink and white. In addition to the flamingo pattern, this cushion is also perfected with a watermelon pattern which is very suitable to emphasize the summer theme in your room, because it has medium size so you can buy more than one according to the needs of the room. You can buy this cushion at the nearest interior supply store at a price that is not too expensive.

Fruit Pattern Summer Cushion

Look at these cushions with fruit patterns, don’t they look very cute and adorable? Yes, you can buy it and put it in your bedroom decor. Cushions with a lemon and orange pattern will work well together to make your white room look more fun and colorful. In addition to adding to your comfort, these cushions can also be used as one of the focal points of a beautiful room. Just put it on the bedding and on the chair which you usually do to do office work at home.

Vintage Style Summer Cushions

This tufted sofa with wooden legs is less attractive when it is not equipped with the use of cushions on it. Just adjust the style of the sofa with the cushions that will be used so that it blends perfectly. For example, you can combine this sofa with summer cushions which have a variety of different patterns. This pattern starts from a combination of blooming flowers and bee patterns. Because it is dominated by white, the feel of the cushions as well as this room seems more vintage.

Kiwi Fruit Cushion

In addition to having a cute pattern, the kiwi fruit pattern cushion also has a look that is suitable for summer this year. Because this kiwi fruit has a green color, you can use a red background or main color. These two colors will produce a beautiful color contrast and are ready to be used as the focal point of the room. Not only pillows, to emphasize the summer theme in the corner of this room, you can also put a fruit painting frame and a wood with a pineapple-shaped.

Geometric Watermellon Cushion

Adjust the use of the cushion in the living room with the style of the room so that it blends well and perfectly. When you have a modern living room decoration, you can use a cushion with a watermelon geometric pattern that has a mix of green and bright red. Combine this watermelon cushion with several other cushions around it. The existence of this watermelon patterned cushion will also liven up the final look of your sofa.

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Pineapple Fruit Cushion

Don’t forget to use fruit-themed cushions when summer arrives. This pattern is a favorite and will never go out of style. Instead of using a pale and plain cushion, for now, you can combine a pineapple cushion with a striped cushion that has a bright color combination. Spread these two cushions on the sofa at a distance that is not too far away so that it can look bolder and have good color contrast.

Cherry Fruit Print Cushion

Red, white and green is a mix of bright and bold colors that can be applied directly to the summer cushion. The currently recommended print pattern is a cherry complete with green leaves. The small polka dot pattern also makes an excellent mix because it blends in perfectly. Besides being able to make the room more colorful and fun, this pillow also adds to the texture of the room that is not boring.

Cactus Cushion with Green Touch Color

Cactus is also one of the patterns of choice that you can try on the use of a summer cushion that is suitable to be placed in any room of the house according to your needs. Look at these cushions dominated by a bright green color that will make the white shades in the room more colorful. You can use more than one of these cushions to make you feel comfortable even if you are sitting on a floor that has been covered with a faux fur rug. Just buy these cushions online to make them more practical.

Cactus and Tropical Pattern Cushions

Present different colors in your living room decor. For example, you can use a red sofa combined with several cushions that have different patterns. Of course, the cactus pattern with tropical is the best choice and can be combined in the same room. The pattern of these cushions is the hallmark of summer which you can try right now. Green plants placed on the coffee table are also an additional room decoration that looks more natural.

Rainbow Color Cushions

The easiest way you can do to bring a summer theme to your home is to use cushions that have a mix of red, yellow, green, and blue colors. All of these colors accentuate the rainbow color that fits perfectly with the summer theme this year. In addition to making the area around it more colorful, the use of this rainbow color cushion also attracts attention and makes the room feel more colorful. You can use this cushion with a selection of different patterns and colors to make it look more diverse and varied.

Tropical Themed Cotton Cushions

A good quality living room cushion will have a more comfortable material and will look bright and pleasant. The cotton material on this pillow will also be more resistant to mold and of course, provide maximum comfort when used throughout the day. Choose and use pillows with a mix of floral patterns with monstera that will work well together to bring a touch of summer this year. Emphasize the summer theme in this room with indoor green plants that can be placed in the corner of the room.

Colorful Dragonfly Cushion

Another summer cushion pattern that you can try is the dragonfly pattern which has two to three different sizes. This dragonfly pattern comes in a variety of colors, ranging from the use of pink, blue, black, and yellow. Use a cushion with a predominantly gray color so that the dragonfly pattern itself can be seen clearly when placed in any room. Present this dragonfly pattern by embroidering it on the outer surface of the cushion using selected threads that have premium quality so that they are not easily damaged.

Summer Cushions Balcony

This bright color scheme for outdoor balcony décor helps change the style and atmosphere around it. Start by using two to three colorful cushions with different patterns as well. Simply apply these cushions to a chair or floor with a neat and precise arrangement. This pillow will be one of the right accessories that will save the cost of buying it, the color which is quite bold can make it the focal point of the room.


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