20 Creative DIY Classroom Extra Storage Ideas by Using the Recycled Material to be Environmentally Friendly

A teacher must have high creativity in teaching his students. This creativity can be taught to students so they also have it. Students will feel bored with a monotonous classroom, so, in order to create a room that is more cheerful and not boring, you as a teacher must have an idea to decorate the classroom. The decoration a room does not need to be expensive if you have creativity to make something use items around you. One way to decorate it is to make extra storage that serves to store items from your students. Besides being a place of storage, actually it can also be used to decorate classroom to be more amazing and not boring. So that students will enjoy lingering in class.

In making extra storage use recycled material. You can also invite students to make it together. It can be exciting lesson for students. You can make extra storage by using recycled material such as paper storage or wooden storage. For example of paper storage, you can use a cardboard or pizza box that is made into stacked shelves to store paper collected by your students. You can write down each of the boxes with the student’s name so that they don’t get confused into their storage shelves. With this idea, it will create storage by using recycled material to be environmentally friendly. Not only that, you can also minimize the budget because the items you used to make storage are recycled material that is not used. To beautify the classroom, you can use bright colors to make this extra storage. The storage is not just to be placed below, but you can hang or paste it on the wall of your class. So it will create fabulous classroom that isn’t boring. For your reference, let’s see some pictures below and try to make it with your beloved students.

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Paper Storage

DIY Classroom Extra Storage With Paper Box Drawers To Complete Your Storage In The Class

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An Amazing Filed Paper Scrap Storage To Complete Your Classroom Storage
An Awesome Recycled Pizza Box Drawers To Create Classroom Storage
Color Coordinated Scraps Paper Storage To Beautify Your An Elegant Classroom
DIY Paper Box Storage To Beautify Your Classroom Storage
Smart Upcycled Mailing Box Vertical Storage To Perfect Your Classroom Storage
Upcycled Hanging Sweater Shelf Paper Storage To Complete Your Classroom

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An amazing storage with paper scrap crates to complete storage in the classroom
Beautiful paper storage shelving to complete your an elegant classroom
Paper scrap storage with small paper boxes to make cute storage in the class

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Wooden Storage

An amazing wooden shelves on the wall to complete your classroom
An elegant classroom storage with old wooden cabinets to perfect your classroom
Colorful wooden shelves on the wall to beautify your classroom

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An amazing storage for classroom with white wooden shelves to organize books storage in the class
An elegant wooden storage for classroom with white shelves to organize storage in the class
Beautiful storage with wooden bookshelf to complete storage in the classroom
Gorgeous storage for classroom with brown wooden bookshelf to perfect your classroom
Simple storage for classroom with wooden shelves storage to complete your classroom become organized
Smart classroom with wooden shelves storage can be used to create separate study areas
Wooden shelves storage for classroom to organize your classroom become more comfortable

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