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3 Office Decor Ideas for Small Space

Having a small space doesn’t mean you cannot have a beautiful working space. With the right office …

Sometimes we have to make use of any space we have, especially if you are living in a small house or apartment. However, living in a small space doesn’t mean that you should give up the ideas of having your own home office. These office decor ideas for small space will ensure you to have a working space that is not only functional but also looks beautiful.

1. Space Under the Stairs

If you are living in a two stories house, use the space under the stairs. Turning a small space under the stairs into a small work space is easy. Simply add a single floating shelf for a desk. Then, use the wall as a cork board to display reminders, notes, or everything you need. Add hinges on the shelf so that you can keep other items tidy in it and hide the clutter you may have. 

The initial step is to provide a minimalist table that does not take up much space but does not reduce the function of the table itself as shown above as a very creative workplace.

image source

The second step is a marker to attach important notes or can also be used as a reminder. This picture includes a simple example of a marker board, you can also use other marker boards according to your taste.

image source

The third step is to put the hinges on the table shelf at the bottom like the example image that has been included so that you can open or close the rack as needed. The existence of this rack can help you keep things neat and reduce the clutter you might have.

image source

2. Corner Work space

The next small office idea is the corner work space. For this one, you can turn any corner of your house into a small working area. Simply add several floating shelves to the nook of the room. The top shelves are perfect for keeping your items like books or photo frame, while the lower shelves can be used as a laptop desk. Add a comfortable chair so that you can work better in long hours. Also, don’t forget to add a curtain so that you can cover this corner when you are not using it.

White work space at the corner with corner shelves at the top of work table to store your needs safely and neatly and you can also put other decorative components. And then the table at the bottom can serve as a place to put your work support tools.

image source

The chair is also a very important supporting component because it functions as a place to sit when starting work. Choose a chair that suitable for your comfort standards, one of which is a soft cushion and backrest.

image source

Give a curtain cover that is flexible can be opened when going to use a minimalist workspace and close it again if the room is not used so that it seems clean and pleasing to the eye.

image source

3. Modern Minimalist

The next office decor ideas will take a modern minimalist approach. For this theme, you will only need a white desk and chair and simply place it in the room. The lack of other items or small office decor making this office look clutter-free and neater. It also doesn’t take up too much space because no additional accessories or decorations are needed.Having a small space means that you need to explore a lot of office decor ideas to make a nice and beautiful small home office space. Use your imagination and get a lot of inspiration to make use of a small space and turn it into a creative work space.

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White table options add to the impression of elegance in the room even though in small space. With simple design of the table you can place some ornaments to decorate your minimalist work space idea.

image source

The white chair is in harmony with the white table so it has a natural color balance to add minimalist impression

image source

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