How to Have Best Spring House Plant Arrangements

When the spring comes, it is such a must for you to adjust your home decoration with the touches of the season. There can be varied ways that you can present in your house. However, your spring home won’t be completed without the plants. It can be said that plants are an important aspect that can make a home feels really welcoming, fresh, and calming. That is why, although spring is identical with flowers, make sure that you also put some greenery there. In presenting the plants, there will be some things that you can consider. The first one is the plants themselves where you should choose the possible one. Then, you should also consider the pot or planter. After that, think about the spot where you want to arrange the plants. Take a look at the following images for complete examples.

Transform any room in your home in a spring style enhanced with several types of greenery of different sizes. You can apply this plant arrangement on the dining table and in other areas such as on the console table in this room. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also hang a beautiful botanical painting. Use a pot with galvanized material to match the farmhouse dining room theme that is currently being used. Green plants with galvanized pots from shelterness.

The arrangement of several types of simple green plants will look beautiful when used as decorations for the wooden console table that you have at home. You can use pots of various sizes and colors so that they look more beautiful and varied. So that the pot that is used does not look too plain, you can choose it with a textured or patterned outer surface. This range of houseplants brings the feel of spring in an instant and is ready to warmly welcome your guests. House plants on the console table from shelterness.

The green plants in this pot can be perfected by painting plants that have black and white splashes. Now you can take it as a simple spring fireplace decoration and on a budget. Use terracotta pots for materials that are quite sturdy and do not break easily when used for a long period of time. You can also do routine maintenance by watering it every day with the appropriate amount of water. The fireplace, which is dominated by white, makes the indoor plants that are used look bolder. Spring mantel decoration from shelterness.

If you have a candlestick that is no longer in use, then you can use it as a pole or a place to put a green plant pot that has a smaller size. For now, you can put it on the fireplace as a spring mantel decoration that looks natural and cheap. Why cheap, because you can get this plant in the backyard garden without having to buy it back. Its vintage appearance makes this green plant decoration suitable when applied in a farmhouse-style room. Spring candlestick planter from shelterness.

Would you like to incorporate a spring theme into your dining room decor? If so, then growing indoor spider plants is a smart idea that you can do right now. This dining table with shabby colored terracotta pots can be used as a centerpiece decoration that makes the room feel fresher and more colorful. It’s not enough to stop here, also consider using spider plants instead of artificial green plants to make it look more real. Now you can use three to four terracotta pots that can be equipped with a string bulb light for a more distinct and brighter look when used as a centerpiece at night. Spider plant centerpiece from shelterness.

Don’t let your windowsill decor look plain and boring in your spring kitchen decor. Decorations that you can do is to plant a series of green plants with two different types. One type of plant that you can use is vines that can spread to the wall so that it can perfectly frame the window area. This plant appears more natural so that it makes your room look fresher and brighter. With this spring kitchen room decoration will look more colorful and fun, you can try it now at low budget. Windowsill vines decoration from shelterness.

Welcoming spring with gusto using green plants as your home decor. For now you can use several small pots of green plants for decoration in this room, try to put plants at several points on one side of the room so that they appear more evenly. To make it look more harmonious and attractive, you can combine it with flower paintings that are dominated by pink. Install several floating shelves to place potted green plants on the wall, installing them at different height levels for a more varied display. Green plant indoor decoration from joyusgarden.

Bring some types of green plants into your room as one of the spring decorations that can be tried easily and cheaply. Another thing to note is the use of various sizes of pots that can be adjusted to the height or size of the indoor plants that are used. Arrange all these indoor plants in the floor area neatly. Start by placing the smallest plant pot in the front, with this, all your plants can be seen more optimally. Place it right next to the chair as a bold and fresh room decoration. Various types of indoor green plants from joyusgarden.

Using an interior with a green plant pattern for spring decorations for the living room is a smart idea, especially if you can bring green plants directly to decorating the room. You can use green plants as an empty wall decoration in the living room so it doesn’t look too plain. Not only on the walls, you can also put plants in different corners of the room. More green plant pots are hung on the walls, so they can also be used as bold and fresh room views. Hanging houseplants decor from joyusgarden.

If you are afraid of damaging the floor when you enter a large pot filled with green plants, don’t worry, try using a holder under it. You can make this holder using wood, a material that is easily available and cheap will certainly make it easier for you to make it yourself at home. But keep in mind that one pot holder can only be used for one plant pot. One green plant that is tall enough is enough to decorate a small spring living room. In addition, this pot holder will make the plant look taller. Tall spring green plants from joyusgarden.

Take advantage of your window area as an area to put indoor green plants that can be applied to several clay pots that have different sizes according to the size of your plants as well. Now you can add a floating open shelf in the window to make the most of the empty space. With this your green plants will develop well because they get enough sunlight. Another treatment you can do is to water it using clean water. Windowsill decoration with greenery from joyusgarden.

Install and use the floating shelves to arrange all of your little greenery to make a room decoration as well as a beautiful and refreshing focal point. You can use greenery of different sizes and types to make it look more varied. Indoor plants such as cacti are very easy to care for because they do not require too much sun and water. Vines are also the right choice. Indoor green plants are one of the spring decorations that many people are interested in. Houseplants wall decoration from joyusgarden.

You can make a standing shelf with sufficient height so that it can also be used as a room divider. Fill all the empty shelves with various pots that have been planted with different green plants. This plant will grow fresh when it gets the reflection of direct sunlight coming through the use of a large enough glass window. Choose and use plants that are easy to care for, these may catch your eye and better suit what you are looking for. Houseplants divider room from joyusgarden.

If you don’t have much space to put house plants, then ladder rack is a smart idea that you can use. This ladder shelf has several different sections of space so you can use it to place two to three types of house plants. Cacti and vines are one of the house plants that can be used to welcome spring this year. Take maximum care of this plant for good and fertile growth and development according to your expectations. Ladder house plant shelf from joyusgarden.

Betel ivory is one of the house plants that you can try in your kitchen spring decorations because it has a fairly low maintenance. Use two to three pots of ivory betel to apply on the highest part of the kitchen shelf so that this plant can spread downwards. Do pruning or cutting this plant when it interferes with your kitchen activities. Repainted terracotta pots have a more beautiful and glossy outer surface so you can imitate this idea well and maximally. Ivory betel plant decoration from thespruce.

Ready to decorate your home with houseplants? You can turn a plain or empty room into an indoor forest. There are so many green plant inspirations that can be used, from large to small sizes. Adjust the amount of use of house plants with your living room so as not to interfere with the main function of this room. A rubber tree planted in a pot with a facial pattern is a smart idea that you can try as a different look. Spring living room decor from balconygardenweb.

Fern, ZZ plants, cacti and spider plants are some of the combinations of green plants that you can have to decorate a room that is ready to welcome spring this year. They will work together to decorate the white walls that are still blank. Decorations that you can do are to install floating wooden shelves as an area to place these house plants. Install and hang shelves vertically so you have plenty of room to put them. Various shapes, sizes and colors of pots make them appear more varied and attract attention. Green and white colors that are applied in one room also look more contrasting. The combination of houseplants in the shelf area from balconygardenweb.

Instead of using small plants to decorate your spring room, now you can try larger plants and of course use pots with the right size. Use three to four large plants to make them the focal point of the room. Adjust the use of the color of the pot with the feel of the room so that it can blend in more perfectly. In addition, the white nuance also presents a beautiful minimalist theme that never goes out of fashion. The focal point of big houseplants from balconygardenweb.

There’s nothing wrong with using a bohemian theme in your spring home decor. Start by using several types of houseplants of different types and sizes. You can put it randomly but neatly. Try not to disturb your space of movement. When your room is not enough to put this green plant, then you can hang it towards the ceiling using a sturdy rope. The bohemian patterns and textures look very colorful. Bohemian spring greenery from balconygardenweb.

Rubber plants that have a fairly large size are one of the green plants that have low maintenance. Another advantage of using large green plants in spring decorations is that they can be used as a beautiful and distinct focal point. Not only rubber plants, but you can also combine them with ZZ plants and vines that are placed on top of the cabinet. Furniture with bright colors is a smart interior that you can have and use right now. Combination of rubber plants with ZZ plants from balconygardenweb.

Spring is one of the home decorations that you must try because it makes the room look fresher and brighter. You can use house plants that can be applied to iron stands and floating shelves that are installed vertically. The existence of this iron plant stand gives the impression of the room being more modern and contemporary, repaint it in black and white for a better appearance. Textured pots and pots that have different colors are a very elegant combination. Modern style houseplants decoration from balconygardenweb.

If you have an all-white room in your home, try to add a touch of green to it. You can use several house plants to give it a different color, green color in plants will make the room feel more natural and give real freshness. You can place plants at several points in an all-white room, you can also use hanging pots for a different look. With this, the all-white living room decoration will feel more colorful and fresh. White living room with houseplants from balconygardenweb.

Instead of filling open shelves with frames of paintings or family photos. To welcome this colorful spring you can fill it with various types of green plants planted in pots in brown, black and beige colors. Standing shelves that are repainted in white also give a modern impression that never goes out of fashion. You can put some of the houseplants on the floor area when the shelves used are already filled with your plant pots. Isn’t this idea quite easy and cheap to try. Standing shelf with arrangement greenery from balconygardenweb.

Not only in the living room, now you can also bring ornamental plants into the bathroom spring decorations to make the room look like a garden. The presence of these green plants makes the room feel fresher and more colorful. Try the right plant layout so as not to interfere with your movement space while in this bathroom. One of the layouts of vines that you can do is hang them to the ceiling or an empty wall. Try it easily. Houseplants bathroom decoration from balconygardenweb.

The trend of indoor plants being used as windowsill decorations is one of the spring decorations that must be tried because it looks very fun. You can use three types of pots with different sizes and patterns. Make this green plant thrive so that you have a decoration that is quite cheap and fresh, three different plants are also new inspiration that you can apply. Plants that are used as windowsill decorations will develop well because they get enough sunlight. Houseplants spring windowsill decor from balconygardenweb.

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