55 Ways In Creating Contrast to Your Home Decoration

Are you bored with your current home look? You can try to have the uncommon one by creating a contrast to your home decoration. Especially for you who have a home with a common neutral color scheme, then trying to apply the stand-out one is something you must try. Anyway, what is meant with contrast here is about the contrast colors used in your home. So, there will be two or three or more colors applied there which contrast each other. You should look for the stand-out color that you like and no need to worry if it will make your home looks crowded or too impressive because when you choose the right colors, then the result is a fabulous home look.

In applying the contrast, you can have it to your wall paint color that compared with the furniture there such as the sofa, bed, table, and more. Also, you may create a contrast to your rug, ceiling, and even the flooring. Make sure that you use the right color combination. Well, for you who don’t have any ability to combine colors, then you can look at the following references where there are so many ideas of the color combinations that you can follow. In case the colors are already too much, then you can have a neutral color for the home accessories like the cushion, throw blanket, or curtain. Check the following images.

Yellow Sofa and Blue Wall from Deavita

Yellow Wall and Purple Sofa from Deavita

Blue Wall and Orange Sofa from Homedit

Blue and Orange Kitchen from Shelterness

Yellow and Orange Kitchen Island from Shelterness

Blue Wall and Orange Sofa from Gharpedia

Blue Wall and Yellow Ceiling from Housebeautiful

Yellow and Blue Sofa from Homebnc

Yellow Sofa and Blue Wall from Homebnc

Blue Sofa and Purple Carpet from Shelterness

Red Wall and Blue Sofa from Shelterness

Yellow Sofa and Red Coffee Table from Shelterness

Yellow, Purple and Blue Sofa from Shelterness

Red Wall and Yellow Sofa from Shelterness

Light Blue Wall and Yellow Sofa from Shelterness

Fanta and Yellow Sofa from Shelterness

Light Blue Wall and Orange Sofa from Digsdigs

Yellow Wall and Blue Sofa from Digsdigs

Pink Curtain and Blue Wall from Digsdigs

Green and Purple Wall from Digsdigs

Orange Ceiling and Blue Wall from Digsdigs

Orange Sofa and Light Blue Wall from Digsdigs

Blue Wall and Green Sofa from Elledecor

Purple Chair and Blue Wall from Elledecor

Purple Curtain and Orange Wall from Elledecor

Pink and Mint Sofa from Digsdigs

Blue Table and Yellow Sofa from Digsdigs

Blue Wall and Yellow Bedding from Shelterness

Mint Chair and Yellow Pillow from Shelterness

Blue Chair with Pink Pillow from Shelterness

Pink and Blue Wall from Designcorral

Blue Sofa and Yellow Wall from Decoist

Blue and Yellow Kitchen from Decoist

Yellow Wall Blue Sofa from Idealhome

Yellow Wall and Red Sofa from Gharexpert

Green Wall and Yellow Chair from Goodshomedesign

Blue Wall with Yellow Accent from Decorilla

Yellow and Red from Ofdesign


Red and Green Wall from Home-designing

Purple Wall and Red Sofa from Elledecor

Orange Wall and Green Curtain from Thesleepjudge

Orange Rug and Green Bedding from Thesleepjudge

Green Wall And Yellow Rug from Thesleepjudge

Green Sofa and Yellow Pillow from Homedit

Fanta and Blue Curtain from Homedit

Yellow Bed frame and Red Wall from Homedit

Purple and Yellow Furniture from Livingetc

Blue Wall and Yellow Curtain from Housebeautiful

Red Wall and Lime Sofa from Decoist

Blue Wall and Green Chair from Housebeautiful

Purple Table Cloth and Red Chair from Housebeautiful

Green Wall and Pink Sofa from Homesandgardens

Blue and Yellow Wall from Loveproperty

Coral and Aqua Wall from Loveproperty

Green Wall and Red Sofa from Loveproperty

Blue Sofa Yellow Curtain from Loveproperty

Green Door and Orange Sofa from Loveproperty

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