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8 Wallpaper Ideas to Improve Your Kitchen Decoration Just In Simple Step

Changing kitchen decoration doesn’t mean you have to do renovation. You can do simple thing like ad…

Changing kitchen decoration doesn’t mean you have to do renovation. You can do simple thing like add a touch of wallpaper on the wall. It improves the decoration with less cost. There are many variants of wallpaper patterns that will make your kitchen looks catchy. Like these following ideas;

Backsplash Wallpaper

Backsplash Wallpaper


Vinyl wallpaper keeps your money. Rather than using tile to cover backsplash that need more budget, applying vinyl wallpaper also change your backsplash appearance. Even, you are free to choose the pattern and color.

Geometric Wallpaper

When you have a slim part of wall, it will be good to apply geometric wallpaper there. It makes this part look more alive and not overpowering. So, the wall will have pattern, look modern and fresh. Geometric always give more charming effect.

Black & White Wallpaper

If you don’t like more color at your kitchen, black and white wallpaper may look best. This wallpaper will bring you back to the industrial era. However, for all of who love classic, this wallpaper will fulfill your necessary.

Floral Wallpaper

For those who love farmhouse style, this floral wallpaper will complete kitchen decoration very well. It keeps the room looked feminine, rustic, and natural. Feel free to choose the color and pattern as your desire.

Lemons Wallpaper

To get fresh kitchen room atmosphere, bring yellow may keep eyes better. Yellow seems good for room color, included kitchen. Lemons wallpaper get your kitchen looked colorful and fresh with more natural tone.

Backsplash & Walls

Apply wallpaper for backsplash and wall will be nice idea to change your kitchen design. Choose any pattern you like that will make you feel comfort. Here, blue is the best choice to make good feeling when you start to cook.

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Marble Pattern Wallpaper

You don’t need to use real marble to make your kitchen wall look more attractive. There are many variant of wallpapers that look like marble. It saves your money more and gives more beauty to your modern kitchen design.

Behind Your Bar

Bold wallpaper behind your mini bar will also upgrade your kitchen decoration. Get ready to have more attractive kitchen with this simple idea. Further, the pattern looks simple but fresh and chic. So, will you try this?

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