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5 Ideas to Decorate Family RV with Colors

colorful RV ideas are perfect for a family trip. These easy ideas inject colors and fun to any family RVs.

If you buy an RV for family trips, make it colorful and bright. Family RV ideas involve a lot of bright colors and fun patterns to make the journey exciting. From installing colorful fabric to repainting the exterior, a colorful RV, camper, or trailer will light up your long journeys.

Try some or all these ideas to inject fun to your family RV.

1. Printed Curtains and Pillows

Adding bright colors and patterns will quickly improve an RV. Install curtains with fun prints that all family members love, from flowers to cute animals. Replace the boring white pillows with colorful ones. This colorful RV decor is easy to install or replace when you want variations.

Elegant, modern and bright are representative of the dreams RV for everyone. The picture above is an example. By choosing flower motif on curtain design and colorful pillows motif, it can bring a brightness into your RV.

image source

One of the best ideas to decorate your RV is use colorful motif curtains and pillows. . Matching the pillows color with the tone color of the curtain can make your RV more brighter.

image source

If you want a relax but still bright RV, you need to change the curtains and pillows in a different color and motif. With bright colors, everyone will be comfortable on it. Especially if you are able to show a cute or funny motif on a pillow it will attract for everyone.

image source

Designing the RV properly to be comfortable is not something difficult. For example is install of curtains and pillows. You can give bright color and fun prints for your curtains and pillows. It can change the look of your RV more brighter and cheerful.

image source

2. White Wallpapers with Colorful Prints

Refresh a small RV by installing white wallpapers. To prevent the inside from looking boring, pick white wallpapers with colorful patterns. You can choose small patterns for a small RV, but make sure the colors are visible.  Flowers, fruits, cute animals, stars, and other “fun” patterns will make your RV brighter.

Installing white color in your RV is great idea. But to avoid from looking boring you can try to apply flowers pattern on your white wallpaper. It can change your RV decoration look bright and not plain.

image source

Installing wallpaper is the right step to enhance your RV space. Especially white wallpaper with a combination of star motif in the RV kitchen. It will make your kitchen activity more fun.

image source

For an aesthetic but modern impression, you need to try creative ideas like the picture above. By installing a floral wallpaper, then adding a small detail, your RV room will be more expensive and classy.

image source

Installing wallpaper in the RV is to support the look of your RV room more colorful. If doesn’t have a good ideas, installing wallpaper with batik motifs is the solution. In addition for artistic value, this type of wallpaper also gives an elegant impression to your room.

image source

Beside animal and star wallpapers, you can also install fruit wallpapers. With a fresh look, the picture of the fruit also has an aesthetic style.

image source

3. Colorful Fabric Divider for Privacy

A family RV decor needs some degree of privacy between rooms. If you don’t have enough space, install room dividers made of fabric. Choose colorful dividers with any patterns and color combinations your family will love. Install the fabric in front of the bathroom, between the driver’s seats and the living area, or in front of the bedding area.

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Everyone wants their privacy to be maintained. Even though the room you have is small, you can still create for your privacy. For example is installing curtains for the RV divider. Make sure the curtains are used not easily penetrated by light.

image source

A car that designed into a room usually does not have a divider barrier. It is also impossible to install a wooden door. Therefore, the curtain function is at number one. For example the picture above with pattern curtain to divide between bedroom and the other room of the RV.

image source

Usually for the wheelhouse there are no restrictions. But you can install a barrier to maintain a privacy by installing curtains. Also make sure the colors, motifs, and curtain materials is suitable with your needs.

image source

4. Place Colorful Bean Bags and Rugs

Bean bags add the seating capacity without eating too much space. Choose bean bags with colorful patterns to match your RV interior. They will instantly improve any room or living area. Additionally, place some rugs inside the RV to add comfort and colors. They are light and not taking up much space.

Instead of using a chair, it’s better to install bean bags for your RV. In addition to saving space, bean bags are also easily moved. Also make sure your RV is covered with carpet so that bean bags are maintained and not dirty.

image source

Bean bags have a function as a seat. The material is soft and flexible certainly will not take up your RV space. Various motifs and colors of bean bags will beautify your RV. Also make sure to put the carpet to add the color and a comfortable into your RV.

image source

For a narrow RV space, sometimes the seating capacity is reduced. Therefore, one of way that can be done is to install bean bags. Beside not taking up place, bean bags, including soft material as a seat. To treat bean bags so they don’t get damaged quickly, use the carpet as a base for bean bags.

image source

Bean bags are used as a seat. It is not taking up large space and is easy to clean. Looking for bean bag motifs that match the interior of your RV and don’t forget use a carpet so that the room feels warm and looks clean.

image source

5. Repaint the RV with Bright Colors

Don’t stick with the usual white, grey, or brown RV exterior. Be bold and use bright colors such as light blue, lime green, or plum for the exterior. Alternatively, paint the RV in neutral shades, but add bright decal patterns as accents.

RV will attract everyone if they have a right color choice. So, it never hurts you to take the decision to paint your RV with bright colors. For example is green that seems welcoming and friendly.

image source

Have you ever bored with bright colors? You need to try to choose a color that is a little dark. The picture above is an example. Blue and black are the perfect blend to repaint your RV exterior color.

image source

If the interior inside the RV has been repaired, it doesn’t hurt you to check the outside appearance of your RV. This needs to be done so that there is satisfaction in having an RV. You can use red and white color as a bright colors. And then you can also combine with smaller details such as text, images, or other properties.

image source

Painting an RV is important. In addition to providing satisfaction, the right color blend will enhance your RV’s appearance. Creative ideas such as choosing a neutral or yellow and white color you should try.

image source

These RV ideas inject colors and fun into a boring-looking vehicle. Make your family road trip or camping more exciting with these color ideas.

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