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8 Inspiring Easter Table Decor Ideas That Everyone Can Copy Easily

At holiday, family and friends spend time together, include at Easter Day. Since Easter comes with …

At holiday, family and friends spend time together, include at Easter Day. Since Easter comes with spring, this is the time for you to decorate your table. Egg is must, but you may add more elements like candles, flowers, green plants, or others. Create a beautiful design that will boost your mood and make your guests smile.

Easter Table With Big Vases

Easter Table With Big Vases


Easter and Spring usually come more or less at the same time. So, create Easter table with big vases is not a mistake. Moreover, it adds more color beside pastel. You may use roses, tulips, lily, or others as your desire.

Modern Easter Table Decor

Modern Easter table decor deals with neutral colors just like white, gray, and black. Here, this table has a vibe form a bold black vase and its eggs. Moreover, a knitted tablecloth comes to add bohemian touch as well.

Green Centerpiece Easter Table

Spring is come with various green plants. Bring them to the dining table and use as the centerpiece. Here, the designer adds white tulips on a glass and carrot to add more spring accents.

Green Table Decor For Easter With Large Bunny On Center

Set your table with this extraordinary Easter table design. The focal interest of this table is large bunny on the center among green elements. Add some candles to complete this table design.

Easter Egg Decor

Easter table with Easter egg decor may look calm and soft. You may see pastel blue, green, white, and beige color on the table that come from various elements. This table is design to gain peaceful mind for Easter Day.

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Rustic Table Decor For Easter

Wooden table already gives statement for this table. It shows you rustic decor for Easter. Then, white plates with tiny blue mint plates create more harmony. Each element on the table work well to look inviting.

Pastel-Colored Easter Table Decor

This is a soft and lovely Easter table decor that you can copy easily. Just focus around the centerpieces from pieces of wood with holes for each egg to sit. Patel color eggs and fragile comes to make this table appear wonderful.

Cute Little Nests With Easter Eggs

The designer installs trimmed napkins with pastel color that works well with driftwood chargers. After that little nests with leaves on the top it added by a pastel color egg. The combination of each element at this table is cute and lovely.


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