6 Inspiring Designs from dSPACE Studio’s Modern Penthouse

As an award-winning architecture company, dSpace Studio always gives an amazing touch to all their works. Recently, this Chicago-based company showed a successfully transformed modern penthouse. And, here are some interesting details that you can find in their new penthouse.

1. Highlight the study room with built-in oak cabinetry

This luxury penthouse has an artsy study room. Aside from featuring a custom built-in oak cabinetry, a large painting also becomes a focal point that perfects everything. Besides, the installation of a glass globe pendant is the key to enhance the room further.

The layout of a green chairs set equipped with white round tables makes anyone comfortable in this room. A large painting on the side of the wall can give an artistic impression in your home. Moreover, there are large bookshelves that have many collection of books, making you feel comfort to study at home.

2. Using a fireplace to warm the living room

This modern luxury penthouse also offers a cozy and warm gathering area. The installation of a black marble surround must be an engaging accent. Plus, the choice of grey as the room color, creating an elegant look.

In addition to warming the room, a fireplace is the key for the living room looks elegant. The soft gray sofas combined with beige leather sofas and large grey carpet are a warm blend of colors. The dominating of grey color on the whole of the room absolutely can make an elegant impression to the room.

3. Create a unique personal corner

For this penthouse interior design, dSpace Studio also built a unique personal corner. At the corner, there is a vintage piano and a John Lennon painting drawn by Artist John Kascht. Another captivating detail is certainly the built-in shelves on the right side of the piano.

A vintage piano is placed under a John Lennon painting gives an elegant impression to the corner of this room. In addition to playing music, a vintage piano is an extraordinary decoration. This unique personal angle also doesn’t require a large space.

4. Having a majestic open-plan kitchen

Not only a cooking area, but the kitchen is also a cozy room to gather and chat. Therefore, dSpace Studio chose to apply the concept of an open-plan kitchen with some artistic touches. Of course, the use of decorative ceiling lights and porcelain backsplash can be a harmonious blend as well.

The small balcony in front of the kitchen can also be occupied by a table set. This really helps you and your family to take the wine in the fridge closer. You can chat while drinking wine on the front balcony of this kitchen. And the decorative lighting on the ceiling can add a luxurious touch of the kitchen.

5. Featuring a neat blend of colors

The combination of grey and white makes the room look more splendid. What’s more, the use of arched windows succeeded in giving softness, which can melt the stiff impression on the room.

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The color combination gives a warm impression in the room. The neutral sofas color that match with the color of the floor deliberately to make the room look elegant. Some ornament also add an extraordinary decoration.

A minimalist master bedroom is one of the most important parts of this penthouse design plan. Still applying arch-shaped windows as an accent, this room is furnished with a mounted flat-screen TV and low-slung chairs.In collaboration with the interior stylist Ruth Johnson, dSpace Studio wants to build harmony in all rooms. Although the minimalist design is still their benchmark, this modern penthouse has a lot of detail that can give a feeling of depth.

The white color in every details of this bedroom makes a minimalist atmosphere instantly. Another minimalist impression is the absence of a table or other storage in this bedroom.

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