5 Awesome Tree house Designs for You Who Love Eco Dwelling

A tree house can be an alternative place to gather and play with children. Not only that, but a type of house can also be a nice accent to your backyard. So, here are 5 inspiring tree house designs that bring you full-eco experience. 

1. Bert by Studio Precht 

This tree house architecture will certainly blow your imagination. The quirky design is created by a married couple, Chris Precht and Fei Tang. Instead of carrying a conventional model, Studio Precht wants to build a house that brings wildlife and architecture experience through the children’s eyes.

Bert tree house by Studio Precht carries the theme of the wildlife. With the unique architecture can give an extraordinary experience for anyone who sees it
This tree house is located in the middle of a deep forest.
There are several types of tree house design Bert by Studio Precht from simple shape until complicated shape.
Types of tree house skeletons design Bert by Studio Precht.
This picture is one of example of a tree house Bert interior design by Studio Precht. The room look so comfortable and fresh.

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2. The Tree house by Wee Studio 

As one of the unique tree house designs, Wee Studio—as an architect—built this eco dwelling at Mount Wuling, Miyun, Beijing. From the inside, you can savor the calm river flow and the atmosphere of the shady forest. This tree house is also split into two parts; the couple divided polyhedrons which run as bathroom and tearoom and a story.

An attractive tree house miniature by Wee Studio.
This tree house by Wee Studio is located on Wuling Mountain, Miyun, Beijing. The house is near with the river, so you can savor the calm river flow and the atmosphere of the shady forest.
This tree house is divided into two parts according the function of the room. Usually is divided for bathroom and tearoom for the one.
One of the interior spaces of a tree house by Wee Studios.
This picture is one of example of bathroom design in the tree house by Wee Studio. The sink is placed at the corner of this room with a triangle-shaped to adjust the corner of the room. Installing small window can enter the sunlight come into the bathroom. So, it will save the electricity during the day.

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3. Skysphere by Jono Williams

Jono Williams created this project called as a futuristic DIY tree house. This house carries the concept of a small pod-inspired building set in a steel column. Special furniture is further provided to adjust the shape of the house—a curved bed and narrow chairs.

A futuristic Skysphere tree house by Jono Williams that made from steel column.
The shape of the house is tube, so the furniture are placed in the house must be adjusted to the shape of the house. Such as the bed and the table on the picture above.
Interior design of this tree house is tubular and in the middle there is a large pillar as the main pillar of this house.
At the top of this tree house, there are several small pillars, each with solar panels to meet the energy needs of the room.
Besides being used to support the tree house itself, the main pillar also functions as a stairs to climb into the room on the concept of this tree house.

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4. Tree House by Robert Potokar and Janez Breznik

This treehouse is designed by Robert Potokar and his co-designer Janez Breznik. This building is made to issue your childhood fantasy by applying a contemporary principle. It also features spruce plywood and nature-friendly varnish as well as weather-adapted technology.

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An attractive Tree House by Robert Potokar and Janez Brezniktend to be simple and in the form of parallelograms.
The material that are used in the making of this tree house is also very simple, like spruce plywood.
The interior of the tree house has only a few small square air holes without any divider room.
The large glass on one side of the wall has main function to see the view outside of the room and to light up the room during the day.
Spruce plywood dominates the material of this tree house without any meaningful finishing.

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5. Tree house Solling by baumraum

To get to the house, you can pass through forest road accompanying a small stream with a few lakes. For a vintage touch, the architect built a small wood deck that resembles to float over the water.

An amazing float over water Solling tree house by baumraum is divide into two rooms.
The upper room is a bedroom as well as a roof for the tree house itself.
While the basic room is a place to relax like drinking coffee with friends.
Doors and windows are made of glass besides wood as the main of material.
The stairs to the upper room are located at the front while giving the impression of a balcony in the bedroom.

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Are you enchanted by one of the tree houses design above? We recommend that you choose the right tree if you want to make one. Ideal trees for this type of house include oak, maple, cypress, and apple. But still, it’s better to ask an expert to examine your tree before starting to build yours.


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