How to Create Proper Treehouse Designs for Your Yard

If it is possible, building a treehouse is really a good idea. There are some benefits that you can get by having it. Especially when you have kids, you can make the treehouse as a playground for them so that you don’t need to bring them to the public playground. Then, during the right season like summer, enjoying your free time there will be really fun. You can spend your time there enjoying beverages, having a talk, or simply reading your book collections. However, in having the treehouse, you should make sure that you have a big tree that could bear the load of the treehouse. Make sure that everything is safe. There are some variations of the treehouse that you can have where the design references are already provided below.

Treehouse Games Ideas

If you have a yard decoration that is more open and wide, then you can use it as one of the best decorations that can be done easily and maximally. For example, you can build a simple treehouse equipped with children’s games at the bottom. A suitable game is wall climbing. This game is very safe for your children because it has a size that is not too high. That way, the tree house decoration is more friendly to both children and adults.

Rustic Style Treehouse Decor

Built not too high from the ground, this treehouse has a rustic theme dominated by reclaimed wood. No need to repaint for a bolder vintage look. This rustic look will also blend with nature more optimally. Because it has a fairly large size, this treehouse can be used by several family members. Enjoy your vacation with your family in this area while enjoying the beautiful outdoor scenery.

Simple Kids Treehouse

You might be able to design a different staircase to make the entrance to the treehouse look a little more special. This wooden staircase with chicken wire railing can be combined directly with a slide that has almost the same size. This slide will please the children who are in your tree house, adults can also use it when they want. Both paths to this tree house carry a fresh and simple appeal.

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Wood Sided Tree House

This traditional tree house design uses trees as the main support. To make it seem even more natural, you can use wood as the main material for the construction of this treehouse. Use the same type of wood, teak is the right material that is quite sturdy when exposed to changing outdoor weather. There is no need to repaint this wood material so that it can blend with nature as perfectly as possible, the cool and fresh atmosphere also brings comfort which is the main attraction.

Medium-sized Tree House

This treehouse decoration is not big, but also not small so it is quite comfortable to use by one family with only four to five members. This medium-sized treehouse is able to store all your equipment and your family neatly without any problems, besides that this wooden house is also more economical. This part of the wooden wall which is perfected with a wide enough glass window is able to make the appearance in the wooden house brighter during the day and certainly does not make the interior damp. Sunlight that enters the room is also able to provide a warm atmosphere.

Minimalist Wooden Treehouse

Minimalist design never goes out of style to be applied to any decoration, including treehouses. You can use wood that has been refined so that it has a shiny outer surface when exposed to reflected sunlight. Some of these walls are equipped with fiberglass so that they can enter sunlight into the room to the maximum. To go up or down this treehouse, you can use a plastic net that has good strength. Its small and minimalist size does not use a lot of expenses.

Fence Treehouse Ideas

Although it looks simple, this tree branch fence also looks very charming and has a minimalist final appearance. The existence of this fence can be applied on several different sides according to your wishes and needs, along with the outdoor deck. One of the advantages of using this fence is that it is safer to be used by children to play or by adults to just read a book or enjoy a cup of hot coffee outside the house. No need to repaint this fence, just let this tree branch look more natural.

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Extra Large Treehouse

If you need a new atmosphere on the weekend, then you can do activities in the treehouse decorations in your yard. The decoration of this treehouse is perfected with a tree pole that is sturdy enough to accommodate several people in it. This transaprant glass window that is large enough to make the room inside is warmer and minimizes the humidity of the room. Clean the transparent glass window using a cleaning liquid so that it looks shiny when used as an outdoor view.

DIY A-Frame Treehouse

Are you looking for a tree house design that is suitable for a children’s play area with a different atmosphere? If so, then the A-frame wooden tree design is the right choice and idea that you can try right now. You can make it yourself with the wood you have so it doesn’t cost a lot of money. This wooden tree decoration brings a more impressive appearance while calling back in time. This design is suitable for filling the void in your yard which has a large enough room.

Treehouse with Deck Ideas

There are times when you enjoy the outdoor view in the deck area that has been provided along with the treehouse which is quite large and tall. Both will work well together to be made as a comfortable place when you are outdoors. Inside this treehouse you can enjoy outdoor views with a cool atmosphere and free from direct sunlight. While this deck area can be used with guests or your family to do a summer BBQ. String lights are warm lighting, inexpensive and easy to install.

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Treehouse with Photo Spots

Look at the decoration of the treehouse which is dominated by this wood material, doesn’t it look more environmentally friendly? This treehouse will be more complete when it has an outdoor deck that has a square shape equipped with a fence of tree branches so that it looks more aesthetic. Yes, you can combine it with a photo spot that will lead to the trees behind it. In addition to being a photo spot, this area can also be made the most comfortable place to enjoy outdoor views in the morning and afternoon.

Industrial Style Treehouse

Wood, red bricks and tree branches are a blend of materials that can be applied simultaneously to a treehouse decoration in your backyard garden. All of this material combination is very sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long period of time. In addition, the color of the bricks and wood will also blend well and produce a warmer feel and of course bring an industrial theme instantly. The stairs to this treehouse look quite long so it is more special and can be used as a focal point.

The Modern Treehouse

The best thing about this modern tree house decoration is the free style with transparent glass and metal. Abstract shapes and sizes, neutral colors and funky lights can also be added to the maximum. The transparent glass wall is able to be a view of the outdoor scenery that can be enjoyed freely. This design has a room that is quite spacious and open. This yellow light is able to give a warm feel to the room.

Aesthetic Treehouse Decor

Wood is one of the materials that gives an instant aesthetic appearance. Now you can apply it to the use of treehouse decorations this year. The glass window that has a round shape is also a very appropriate combination to give an aesthetic touch. Finish and complete the decoration of this treehouse with a fence of dry tree branches arranged in an abstract way but looks very elegant and charming.

Square Shaped Treehouse

If you still choose the shape of the treehouse decoration, then the square shape is the right choice you can have. Besides being easier to design, this square treehouse also has other advantages that you can get. For example, providing a more open and spacious room. The simple design also only requires a fairly low cost, so it is suitable for those of you who want to be more on budget. Finish by using a lamp that has a warmer light such as yellow. With this dramatic nuance will be obtained.


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