A Home Tour of Olwen House: 5 Things That Will Make You Amazed

Set in a dense neighborhood in Danang, Vietnam, this small house design will blow your mind. Called Olwen House, this project is designed by D1 architect. And, here are some amazing details that you can find at Olwen House.

1. All are created within 75-sqm area

The most amazing thing about this home design plan is that it is built within 75-sqm. Olwen House also resides in a suburban area circled by blockhouses. Besides, the wide alley to access this house is just 2.5 meters. Not to mention, building this house is very challenging.

The Olwen House building does look striking compared to other buildings.
A very narrow alley because it is located in the middle of a densely populated settlement.
Lighting in this house uses a slightly brownish colored lamp to make it look more elegant.
There is a curved red staircase that connects the 2nd floor and the top floor.
This house uses a combination of white and blue to paints walls. The sunlight that can enter into the room increasingly makes the room look bright and beautiful.

2. Collaboration between traditional and modern touches

Inspired by the old-fashioned house in Central Vietnam, this project brought the concept of the vertically well-proportioned structure. The details of the Vietnamese culture are also very strong in its house interior design. In short, this house is not only suitable for modern residence, but also brings the spirit of past life.

All the details of this house are mostly made of wood to give the thick traditional Vietnamese culture element impression.
A unique details for the sink background to bring out the traditional atmosphere.
A combination between of modern furniture and traditional ambiance in this house, increasingly makes the house in not only suitable for modern residence but also can bring the past atmosphere.
A small balcony at the corner of the kitchen gives a different view in the design of this building.
Partial roof of glass gives more lighting to this building during the day. So can save the use of electricity.

3. Organic elements bring a rustic feeling

This architecture also brings nature experience to your house. Using earthy elements such as wood to highlight each corner. Olwen House undoubtedly gives you coolness amid a crowded urban space. For a rustic junkie, this is absolutely a must-try design.

Almost using a wood material for all of the furniture makes this house has a rustic feeling. Adding green plants in every corner of the room can give a natural impression.
Placing flower arrangement in big vase on the table is one type character of rustic decoration.
Almost all furniture is made from organic elements including a large wooden cabinet in one of the room in the building is identical with rustic interior design.
A fantastic living room with unique wooden chairs set and flower arrangement in clay pot can give the rustic feeling for home decor inspiration.

4. Each floor provides their own function

Olwen House consists of three stories, each of which has its own function. For the first and second stories, you will find a workspace and showroom. While the third one functions as a living room. All the rooms are well arranged so that they do not seem cramped.

The uppermost room consists of the living room and kitchen.
The master bedroom is also on the top floor in this building.
The middle floor is a room for wardrobe and work space.
The bathroom and clothes drying area are on the ground floor.
The top floor is divided into two rooms, which are the bottom for the kitchen and dining room, and the upper one functions as the main bedroom.

5. Perfect the green landscape with beautiful houseplants

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D1 has put lots of houseplants inside and outside the house to create a lush look. Besides, it also became a brilliant way to erase the stiff impression of the building—because it is surrounded by blockhouses.

Green plants in the balcony create a natural atmosphere amidst the density of the building.
Almost all corners of the room planted with green plants, including on the balcony in front of the bedroom.
Placing big house plant in the living room is great idea to freshen up of the room.
Don’t forget to place a green plant in the bathroom to make the room not to look boring.
The natural impression is also look in the kitchen, this can be seen from several pots to plant the house plant near the kitchen sink.

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So, here is our home tour about D1’s Olwen House. Of course, this incredibly compact house design can be your inspiration, especially for those who live in the urban area.


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