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8 Winter Home Tour for Your Best References

Winter will make us spend more time at home. In addition, the house is a place to shelter from cold…

Winter will make us spend more time at home. In addition, the house is a place to shelter from cold weather and also a place to warm the body. Therefore we need to make the house as comfortable as possible so that the wintertime can be warm. That’s why the decorations for winter must be cheerful. An example is installing Santa and gift socks decorations in your home entry hall. This is used to welcome guests who come to your house.

Because the weather is getting colder, you might spend more time indoors, but don’t let that prevent you from enjoying beautiful flowers or blooming plants. You can add plants and even trees in the house. You can put it in the family room or in the entry hall. In addition, you can also put Christmas trees and candles. so that the family room more comfortable, you can add a smooth carpet.

Entry Hall

You can beautify your Entrance hall with a unique snowman decoration from burlap. Small Christmas tree here used as a complement to the decoration. The blackboard is hung in black and added with Christmas writing. Then, pine leaves placed on a shelf so that the decorations look perfect.

Decorate your entrance hall with simple white wooden walls. Colorful sock decorations that hang for beautiful looking decorations and cool star-shaped string lights for the festive look. Moreover, the storage racks made from rattan here really looks good with the pillow boxes and stars.

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Living Room

The living room combined with all-white furniture such as sofas, lamps and curtains that look stunning. DIY decoration from hanging paper that makes the decoration look amazing. and added a large brown carpet that looks cool for decoration

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The Christmas living room is applied with a beautiful white sofa, a round sofa table placed in the middle. And a soft white furry rug. Coupled with a Christmas tree that is placed in the corner of the living room. and a fireplace decorated with pine trees placed on it and white candles to make the guest room charming.

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White kitchen combined with white storage that looks cool with beautiful grey island concrete table. Put your pine decorations on the island table. Then, install two pendant lamps to complete the kitchen decor.

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The white Christmas kitchen is ready to make your winter decor perfect. A white sofa chair added with the decoration of pine leaves and white flowers to make it looks more beautiful. Then, as an additional complement to the decoration add the very luxurious chandelier.

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Dining Room

Dining room combined with a simple long wooden table. You can combine white sofa chairs and pine decorations to put them behind the chair. In hence, the leaf decorations with red ribbons hung as dining room decorations look amazing.

This one is the simple wooden dining table for your dining room with two beautiful white sofas. Decorate the table with some materials such as pine leaves, candles and fruits placed in long wooden box and vines as the wall decorations in the dining room.

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The kitchen becomes a place that is often forgotten when we decorate the house. Even though the kitchen has the potential to make the house cooler. The kitchen is a rather difficult place to decorate, but with the right accessories, you can beautify your kitchen. For example, the ornaments that are suitable for decorating the kitchen are pine cones, garlands, small Christmas trees, and decorative writing boards.

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Even if the air around the house gets cold but we still have to bring festive joy to the dining table. There are many ways to decorate the dining table to welcome the winter season. One of the ways is to decorate the dining table with a beautiful and sparkling look. The items used are red ribbons, hanging balls, bouquets of flowers and so on. Or you prefer simple decorations like putting some candles, pine cones and plates on it.

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