3 Best Apartment Decor for Couples: Organize on a Budget

Why You Need an Apartment Decor for Couples

Living as a couple means double everything, double the clutter and double the amount of stuff you store in the apartment. I get it; it’s frustrating. But know this; it is possible to start organizing your life together with cute apartment ideas for couples without going broke. Tons of apartment decorating ideas are for couples on a budget.

So, worry no more, here are the three best apartment decor for couples to help you organize on a budget.

1. The His and Hers Method

We have come up with a very affordable, cheap apartment decorating idea for this one. Without needing to spend a lot of money, you guys can start organizing small things like keys, toothbrushes, socks, and shoes.

For keys, you can put two little hangers beside one another; one is his, one is hers.

Be creative in finding your decorative pieces. If you are blessed with a creative mind, you can go as far as doing it yourself and add more value to it.

This key holder is perfect for you because it is very useful and simple. To get it you do not need to pay expensive, because the material is made from materials that are easily obtained.

image source

A cheap decorating idea for couples, you can place a toothbrush that made by own your self. This is very simple and suitable for you to put in the bathroom.

This toothbrush holder is very suitable for you to use because it is very simple shape and suitable for you and beloved one in the apartment bathroom decor.

image source

To organize you shoes and your beloved one shoes you can made shoe rack by own your self. This simple shoe rack made of wood and no need to pay too much to buy it.

image source

2. The Hobby Wall

Maybe you are secretly frustrated by the tons of hat he owns. Maybe he is secretly frustrated by your never-ending makeup supplies. It is easy to handle. Let your partner, and you discuss which part of the apartment is going to be his and hers hobby wall. And then decide on a decorative piece that could store and display both of your collection.

Tolerance, respect, and individual happiness are then maintained.

To organize your hobby with your partner, you should be able to share the room with your partner and for men who like to collect hats, this place is perfect for storing your hat.

image source

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For those of you who like a minimalist place, use wooden board as a place for your hobby wall is perfect for you to use in your apartment. No need to pay expensive to get this hat hanger because the material is easy to find and this place is very minimalist so it does not require a large space, this place is only mounted on your wall to store your favorite hat.

imang source

Decide to choose one side of the wall as your hobby area is a good choice. You can use the space to place your collection, such as make up. This place is suitable for those of you who like to collect makeup a lot and also can be used for dressing place.

For those of you who like to collect make up supplies you can use one side of the wall as your hobby wall. No need large space just take advantages of the corner of your room to place your collection. This is the best choice to tolerance and respect each other.

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3. The Art of Quote

Do you still can’t decide on what to put on the wall above you guys’ bed? 

A quote will never go out of date. It acts both as a low budget decorative piece and a reminder for couples.

Have him choose a quote that he feels most close to his heart, and you do the same. Print it and put it on the wall above your bed.  You then have two quotes hanging on your wall, always reminding one another of the things you guys most cherish.

This love quote is suitable for those of you who have long been married to your partner, because this quote reminds you of happiness with your partner.
For those of you who have a household that is having problems this quote is perfect for you to use in your room with your partner because this quote is meaningful about building lasting love with a partner.

For those of you who are less romantic, this quote is very suitable to be installed in your room, because this quote will always remind you of romance with a partner.

image source

For those of you as newly married couple this quote is perfect for you because it tells you about the sincere love from the heart.

image source

In Conclusion: Happy Wife, Happy life

Those are three apartment decor for couples that are more than just decor. It helps you organize on a budget; it helps you get your own spaces while maintaining closeness


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