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8 Bedroom Ceiling Styles To Inspire You

When someone designs their bedroom, they think about paint, wall art, floor, and furniture. However…

When someone designs their bedroom, they think about paint, wall art, floor, and furniture. However, they tend to forget to prepare well about ceiling. Actually, ceiling style also gives much effect towards room decoration. Pay attention to these following ceiling designs that may be inspiring you;

Glammed Up Tile

Glammed Up TIle


Give a new touch to your bedroom with inlaid tiles on the ceiling. Those tiles make bedroom more elegant or even glam. However, be careful to choose the color to avoid darker ceiling tone. Then, mix and match with other accents of your bedroom.

Exposed Beams

Let the architectural of this bedroom look awesome with exposed beams on the ceiling. With neutral color like white, brown, and black this room looks simple but chic. For you who love farmhouse style, this room decoration is recommended.

Crown Molding Ceiling

It is not a problem when you want to stay on traditional bedroom design. Crown molding makes the ceiling looks simple but interesting. Moreover, this model is timeless to apply in any home decoration.

Drop Ceiling

Dropped beam ceiling works well for you who have bedroom with high ceiling. You can add lighting on the beams to make it different. Then, paint the beams for further improvement in order to make the ceiling appear more elegant.

A-Frame Ceiling

When you choose white as bedroom basic color, give a touch of A-frame ceiling may look stunning. Further the light fixture hang on it add a touch of farmhouse style but also modern. You don’t have to do much more things here. It is already amazing.

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Wood Paneling for Ceiling

Wood paneling usually has close relation to farmhouse style. However, the owner of this house apply wood paneling for industrial bedroom design. It can be seen from the role of chandelier and iron-frame bed from this bedroom.

Wood on Wood

Rustic ceiling style from this bedroom can be seen through the use of wood paneling and exposed beam. Well, to make it looked more modern, the owner of this house chooses white bed with canopy. Then, the room dramatically becomes sexy and romantic.

Striped Ceiling

To make your bedroom look more cheerful, applying bright color is the answer. Here, this bedroom looks great with striped ceiling of white and yellow. It is only on how you create the striped style that will make the room ceiling awesome.

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