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5 Kitchen Renovation Hacks to Apply

Are you bored seeing the same kitchen decor every day? Try these 5 simple kitchen renovation hacks for a more functional and comfortable kitchen.

Your kitchen looks messy and cramped with kitchen appliances? It is the right time for kitchen renovation hacks. Try these 5 simple steps and make your kitchen look new and more space-efficient. 

1. Repaint Kitchen Cabinet

You can start the kitchen renovation design by repainting kitchen cabinet. The new color will make your kitchen look fresher and more alive. The painting also works to cover the stain. Choose your favorite color for the top coat and apply it. Finish repainting the kitchen cabinet with by getting it sprayed. Change the old hardware into the new one. 

One of the kitchen renovation tips so it doesn’t feel cramped and messy is to repaint the kitchen cabinet. By painting the cabinet, you will not feel bored in the kitchen. Gray cabinet will make the atmosphere of a modern and beautiful kitchen. However, you can choose your favorite color for your kitchen cabinet.

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The combination of white and gray colors will not feel strange if applied properly. The gray kitchen cabinet gives an elegant and modern impression. While the white kitchen ceiling gives a clean impression in the kitchen area. Quite easy to implement as part of renovation so that your minimalist kitchen look more comfortable to use.

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Repainting the kitchen cabinet is a brilliant idea for a perfect kitchen look. You can give a black color to the kitchen cabinet to make it look firm and neat. Other tips, use brown for the top of the cabinet so that the color combination can be balanced.

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To make the small kitchen look wider and brighter, repaint the kitchen cabinet in white and gray. The combination of colors that make the kitchen feel more spacious and clean. Make sure the renovation goes perfectly by balancing the two colors.

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The simple idea of a kitchen renovation is to repaint the kitchen cabinet. The colors that can be chosen are white and green forest. The color combination gives a fresh and soothing feel when the kitchen is used

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2. Remove Unnecessary Kitchen Appliances

Another simple and easy kitchen renovation idea is by removing unnecessary kitchen appliances. Clear up your kitchen space. Choose the necessary kitchen utensils and organize them in the proper places. Remove the utensils you don’t need. Voila! Your kitchen will look new and more spacious.

These tips are quite easy to renovate the kitchen. Choose a kitchen tool according to your needs. Spoons and forks are mandatory items that are often used. For a neat look, place your forks and spoons in a kitchen drawer so the kitchen doesn’t look messy.

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Kitchen remodeling steps that can be applied is to install a hanging cabinet. Hanging cabinets provide easy access and provide the most durable storage tool for kitchens. Your kitchen will look neat and function optimally.

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If you are bored with the ordinary look, try renovating your kitchen by installing a floating shelf. That way provides space that feels spacious and alive for your kitchen. In addition, the impression is simple and neat will look maximal.

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The idea of a simple kitchen renovation can be done by choosing a kitchen tool as needed. To be more presentable, place the kitchen tool on a floating shelf. These tips at least make your kitchen more comfortable to look at even though the kitchen is narrow in size.

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Simple tricks for kitchen renovations can be started by tidying kitchen tools. Spoons and forks are stored in kitchen drawers so that the kitchen does not fall apart. Simple and easy to do, the look of your narrow kitchen feels different from usual.

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3. Maximize Hanging Open Shelves

The problem arises in the kitchen is too many kitchen utensils. For this kitchen renovation, you can maximize the utilization of hanging open shelves. These shelves will enable you to create a more spacious kitchen and save space for storing the kitchen utensils properly and neatly. Install the hanging open shelves in the empty wall space. 

The idea of a kitchen renovation is easy. Floating shelves can be the best alternative because they provide more space for storing kitchen utensils. In addition, the kitchen wall will not feel empty if you install a floating shelf.

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If storage is limited, try remodeling the kitchen by installing a floating shelf. For a more modern look, adjust the color of the shelves to the kitchen theme. As an alternative, you can choose white so the kitchen looks clean and neat.

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Installing a floating shelf has several benefits. First, the kitchen tools will be neatly arranged. Second, the kitchen room feels more spacious and flexible. Third, storage of kitchen tools is more efficient. That might be the ideal tips for renovating your kitchen.

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To renovate the kitchen, you don’t need a lot of plans. One of them you can use used wood to make floating shelves. Besides being cheap, the concept of renovation is useful to maximize the storage space of kitchen equipment.

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4. Paint the Kitchen Wall

One of the kitchen renovation hacks you can follow is by painting the kitchen wall. Changing the color of the wall will change the lighting of the kitchen. You can also use wallpaper for a more practical way. Choose blush tones or pink for a modern and fresh finish.

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Pink is easily synonymous with a pleasant and calm atmosphere. Renovating kitchen walls in pink easily gives a sense of comfort when cooking and making cakes.

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One of the creative ideas of kitchen renovation is to paint an earth tone color on the kitchen walls. The color is calm and cheerful. Your minimalist kitchen will not be boring when used.

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A neutral color on the kitchen walls are believed to increase the passion of cooking when in the kitchen. The renovation is fairly simple to support the look of your kitchen.

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For an elegant and modern look, pink can be used as an alternative to the kitchen wall. It can increase the passion of cooking in the kitchen.

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5. Do the Flooring

Remodel your kitchen by changing the floor. You can use laminate, hardwood planks, or old linoleum. These materials are easy to install and clean. Choose the flooring material that will accentuate the modern finish. Meanwhile, if the kitchen uses the timber floors, do the whitewash treatment for a new look.
Create a new look and convenience at your kitchen with these simple 5 kitchen renovation hacks. Good luck!

Linoleum is artistic for decoration. This material is suitable as a kitchen floor. Modern impression radiates in the kitchen area.

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A wooden vinyl for the kitchen floor gives a natural impression in the kitchen area. This creative idea is the best alternative for kitchen renovations.

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Wooden floor are the best choice for kitchen flooring idea. The natural brown color brings a traditional impression but still aesthetic.

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Kitchen remodeling tips, one of which is replacing the kitchen floor with laminated material. This material provides a modern look and supports cooking activities because it is not slippery.

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