52 Pretty Things that You Can Apply into Your Walls

Home is a place for you and your family members. In addition, we do various activities starting from eating, gathering with family, playing games, everything is done here. Therefore, a comfortable home is important for us. To make your house becomes more comfortable, you can install wall hangings in various rooms. Moreover, a wall would be a great idea to make a house cooler. Indeed, this is easy to do and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make it. So don’t hesitate to make your home more beautiful by using wall hangings.

A complete house with wall hangings will look more attractive than a house with plain walls. So, are you one of the people who agree with this statement? If you are a person who agrees with the statement, then you must prepare decorations that are suitable for your home. You can also build the atmosphere in your home to be more fun you know. Building a home atmosphere not only from choosing furniture that you use but also through wall decorations. However, wall decoration doesn’t have to be expensive, you can get cheap wall hangings with various shapes and colors.

A gallery wall of antique hand mirrors
Color block the gallery wall to feel a touch of industrial design
Cover your walls for you to apply in the bathroom
Create wood veneer art for your home
Apply frame a scarf on the entryway
Arrangement frame maps for your living room
Frame your furniture with polka dot motif
Framed lithographs are perfect for this smaller hallway canvas
Get three dimensional for decoration wall bedroom
Go big and think abstract for your living room
Lean your artwork against the wall
Mix eclectic frames on the wall
Play with a rainbow-colored round shape
The graphic modern art on the wall
Knit hat arrangements that hang from your walls

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Add some vintage posters in your bedroom
Arrange a gallery wall in the bedroom
DIY a tarp for decoration wall your bedroom
Hang a mirror as a bedroom backdrop
Hang a textile for backdrop your bedroom
Hang one statement piece for your living room
metallic accents really pop for bedroom
metallic version and pair with jewel tones to hanging on the wall bedroom
decoration wall with 3D giraffe statue

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century mirrors were found in entryway
combine ceramics with prints on the wall
complementary artwork for decoration wall for living room
create a curtain backdrop for your bedroom
crocheted cotton coverlets from Bulgaria on the wall
flank artwork with scones on the wall dining room
hang a unique tapestry for living room
Hang antique plates on the wall
Bright color block paintings hung on your wall
Incorporate large scale mirror in living room
Neatly arrange frames on the wall
Select an experimental piece of art on the wall
Textile wall art in the living room
Try a statement fireplace
Use a picture ledge on the wall
Use a sculptural mirror to catch the light in the living room

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Put a mural on it in your living room
Try a vertical garden at the corner room
Arrangement wall baskets on the wall in the living room
Unique paint a wall motif with Paint Pens
Hang up your guitar faves on the wall
Hang potted wall plants for your bedroom
Glass calendar wall in dining room
Colorful dream catcher on the wall
Large rattan decoration wall on the backdrop bedroom.
Wall grid panel to a narrow wall in the living room.
Lean a Mirror on the fireplace.
Farmhouse hang up your hats

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In general, wall hangings there are many types ranging from wall hangings to living rooms, kitchen walls, front yard walls to wall hangings for private rooms. However, you can make an entry hall into a unique place, namely by installing a small mirror-sized mirror on the wall. Then, for decoration on the walls of the room, you can put decorations in the form of posters or small photo galleries. Moreover, the poster you like can show your personality. But it depends on the poster image that you like, this one wall decoration has many variations, too many fans. Or you can also put up your paintings to look more artistic.

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Photos in the room are usually always installed with a frame and placed on the table. But for room wall decoration this time you don’t need a frame. For example, you just simply print all the photos you want to paste and provide glue or double-sided tape as a photo adhesive with the wall. But if you have a budget that is more you can put a wooden frame as a place to photograph. To make it look fresher, you can also make decorations using ornamental plants placed in small pots. then you can paste these plants on the living room wall. Finally, there are many ways to decorate your home. In addition, One the way is to install wall hangings. For example, wall decoration that you can choose are paintings, posters, mirrors and so on.


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